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  • Jessika Jones Designs  

    Behind the Thread Lines: Spotlight on Mount Mary at Milwaukee Fashion Week

    By NHUNG NGUYEN Three days constitute a week in Milwaukee when fashion is the center of the city. Milwaukee Fashion Week took place this past weekend, September 24-26 at three top-rated venues in downtown Milwaukee. Of those three, I attended the finale show on Saturday, September 26. Walking into the venue that night I felt a state of madness—pure creative madness. The energy backstage was […]

  • Passion turned profession isn’t always bliss

    Passion turned profession isn’t always bliss

    I’ve been horse-crazy for as long as I can remember. I was the dorky girl constantly wearing horse shirts and doodling pictures of horses in my notebook. In my journal, under “what I want to be when I grow up,” I always wrote that I wanted to be on an Olympic horseback riding team.

  • My wedding in revolt

    My wedding in revolt

    If you’re anything like me, as the mercury rises during April, you’re probably welcoming spring with open arms.There’s another season gearing up that’s perhaps not as welcome but cycles like clockwork nonetheless: wedding season.

  • Fashion Forward: Spring/Summer Trends 2015

    Fashion Forward: Spring/Summer Trends 2015

    This season’s spring 2015 trends are classy, comfortable and fun, and will be seen throughout the summer months ahead! Explore the latest trends and fashions featured below, commented on by campus fashion experts and professors, Sandi Keiser and Trish Kuehnl, to enhance your next mall or thrift store experiences.

  • Paddle your Way

    Paddle your Way

    As the academic year draws to a close and the Milwaukee lakes and rivers begin to warm, consider filling your extra time kayaking on local waterways.

  • Professor serving Milwaukee’s hungry… one meat loaf at a time

    Professor serving Milwaukee’s hungry… one meat loaf at a time

    Jennifer Laske, assistant professor of theology at Mount Mary University, believes that God lives in meatloaf. Four times a year, Laske gathers the ingredients for making mass quantities of meatloaf, then spends hours in the kitchen molding hamburger meat, egg, vegetables and spices into perfectly formed loafs.

  • Photographing a Soul: Part III

    Photographing a Soul: Part III

    A collection of photos and life stories as told by School Sisters of Notre Dame How can the inner self be portrayed through photography? That was the question four advanced photography students attempted to answer last spring. The students visited with School Sisters of Notre Dame, spening hours asking questions and transcribing their stories. The bonds that were created between the students and these remarkable women made these photos possible. […]

  • Lauren Wiech works on the design for CREO at a computer in the Mac Lab in Notre Dame Hall.

    Sparking Creativity: Student design brightens CREO logo

    Ignite, a simple spark ignites an idea, fueling an evolution. These words illustrate this year’s theme for CREO, an annual celebration of creativity hosted by Mount Mary University’s School of Arts & Design that showcases student work from the fashion, fine art, graphic design and interior design programs.

  • Olaplex: The Science Behind the Strand

    Olaplex: The Science Behind the Strand

    BY NHUNG NGUYEN NGUYENN@MTMARY.EDU Imagine coloring your hair without the whirlwind worry of damage. Sounds like a miracle in science, right? The...


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