3 Simple Tips for a Relaxing Space

Spaces can say a lot about a person, but it can also help create a feeling and environment for the users in a space. Stress is inevitable in society today, but there are different ways to help to create a relaxing space that can be soothing and calm. Here are three simple ways to help create a relaxing space that can be use year round.


One of the best ways to create a relaxing environment is through the use of smell. Oftentimes, smell can instantly calm emotions and allow a person to relax and candles are a simple and great way to add a soothing feeling within a space.

Not only can you personalize and select the perfect smell for yourself to feel relaxed, but they’re a great way to add little homey touches and relaxation to a space. Generally, natural plant scents can be good to use such as: lavender, eucalyptus, sage, aloe, all types of flower scents and much more.

For me, I generally go for fresh and clean smells. My favorite scents are Turquoise Waters and Midnight Blue Citrus which are both from Bath and Body Works. I find that fresh scents are more calming for me.  Personally, I tend to shy away from sweet or musky smells just because fresh and natural scents bring a sense of calmness and helps me relax regardless of where I am situated. Sweet and musky smells often give me headaches and just aren’t my cup of tea.

Textiles and colors

Looking at a space, colors and textiles impact the way a space feels. Colors have so much meaning and can 

instantly create a calming mood or the complete opposite. Generally, blue shades are iconic for being a calming color. However, warm tones such as reds, yellows, and oranges can also be calming. 

The tricky thing with color is that sometimes they can be too overpowering even though they may have calming attributes. Therefore, it’s always best to add a bit of calming colors with neutral colors to balance out the space. For example: blue tones with grey or orange shades with white or cream shades.

Textiles are also an easy way to incorporate a relaxing feel to a space. Often soft materials give off a comfortable feel. Soft or furry materials can instantly help create a cozy and comfortable space. Having these types of materials around as cushions, throws, or even rugs can help create a cozy and relaxing space.


Oftentimes, lighting is overlooked. It can be a small thing that most people don’t consider, but can impact the way a room feels. It can impact the way someone feels within a space and is vital for creating a relaxing space. Now, just because it’s relaxing doesn’t mean that the lights are just dim. That’s one way to create a relaxing feel within a space, but the temperature of the lights make a difference too.

Most of the time, warm lights such as yellow lights, help create a comfortable feeling within a space. However, you want to be careful with this because if the walls of your space is yellow and you have yellow lights, everything is a bit too yellow and it can distort colors. 

Lights can also be cooler which tend to be more white and a bit blue. Sometimes cooler lighting can be nice and help light up a room clearly. However, you also want to be careful with this because sometimes blue lights can be more harsh and feel a bit cold. The space might seem a bit lifeless, but with the right textured materials within a space, it can still feel cozy and relaxing. 

So in order to combat an overly yellow or slightly cold room, try aiming for a light bulb that is in between. A softer yellow or a slight cooler light bulb will help create the right lighting for a space, but the best light source is natural lighting. So if you have a space with good lighting, consider it a blessing. Lighting can affect your mood within a space and help you relax. 

The things within a space can impact the way people feel and by keeping these three simple things in mind, you can instantly create a calming and less stressful space for you to enjoy. Let’s face it, we can never run away from the troubles we face in life, but we can always try to help ease the stress. With these three simple tips, you can instantly create a more uplifting mood. 

Hope these tips help you out and let me know what your favorite candle scents are or what you do with your interiors to help you relax in the comments below!

Until next time,

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