3 Ways to Spring Forward

As the days get warmer and the snow begins to melt, spring fills the air. With this comes a change in interiors to embrace spring and remove winter essentials. Now, there’s no need to get rid of the thick warm blankets that keep you warm, but there are some ways to splash a bit of spring into a space. Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate spring decor into your home. So let’s hop to it.


1. Color

Adding a little touch of color might be the easiest way to transition from winter to spring. Generally speaking, winter is a time to bundle up and stay cozy and warm. During the winter, a lot of things are rather washed out and cold. However, once spring rolls around, there is the opportunity to play around with some colors. Spring, of course, is known for pastel colors because of blossoming flowers and greenery. Pastel colors add a fresh splash of color but not too much. Therefore, pastel colors are a subtle and easy way to bring color into a space. If you’re not particularly fond of light pastel colors such as blush pinks, soft yellows or robin egg blue, I would highly recommend adding vibrant colors to add a splash of excitement into a space.

An easy example of adding color can be changing your bed sheets to pastel colors or light colors such as yellows or lighter green shades. Yellows and greens help enhance the spring feel if pink shades or pastels are not your cup of tea. Bedding is the easiest ways to add some spring vibes whether you end up changing your whole bedding set or just a few pieces such as the pillow case or sheets. 

2. Flowers

Another easy way to spring forward is to add decor that reminds you of spring. Adding floral accents will make the space feel more alive and vibrant. This doesn’t necessarily mean that fresh flowers are needed, but using fake flowers to create decorative pieces can still give the spring like feel. If flowers aren’t your thing, you can always opt for some cool easy do-it-yourself type of macrame projects or other spring like decor.

Some examples of this can be as simple as a floral print on fabrics or an actual DIY floral wall hangings or simple macrame wall hangings made from colorful yarns. This is a great way to get creative and check out some nifty DIY decor on Pinterest to help you out.  

Fake flowers can add a cheerful vibe to a space without maintenance and are affordable.

Real flowers can be an instant cheerful and colorful way to add some spring feel to a space.

3. Candles

The last way that spring can be incorporated in interiors is by purchasing fresh or floral scented candles. The smell of a space can instantly change the mood of a setting, not to mention add a cozy effect. Not all candles have to be spring scented. They can be pastel colors with amazing fresh smells or whatever kind of smells you would prefer, but the color of the candle can add to a space.

I generally get my candles from Bath and Body Works. I love their 3 wick candles!

There are no limits when it comes to candles just as there are no right or wrong way to add candles to a room. Candles are an easy and great way to set the mood to spring forward by smell or color and are affordable without having to change so much of a space. Consider checking out Bath and Body Works for great scents and cute styles. 


Keep an eye out for the spring like pieces that will be launching in stores near you. Whether you switch up your bedding with some plant like prints or pastel colors, to simply adding some colorful and fresh smelling candles, it’s easy to transition from winter to spring. These are just some basic ways to add a bit of color and fresh perspective as the spring season comes.

Hope you all are ready to spring forward and enjoy the warmer and longer days! Comment down below what you are looking forward to in spring.


Stay posted for my next blog post. It might just be a DIY project for spring! Until next time,

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Photos were taken by Sandra Chang


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