4 Things You Absolutely Need for Your Workout

I recently joined a gym, so now I get up and start my workout at 5:55 a.m. Before I had always refused to join a gym. My philosophy being that no matter what the weather is outside you can run in it. However, sometimes it is nice not to be sprinting your whole workout because you are scared of what might be behind you because of how dark it is.

Then I caved and joined. Xperience Fitness is where I am currently letting my dirty shoes lay. This gym quickly convinced into joining because of their reasonable monthly fee and the tanning bed perks.

After joining, I had to grasp what I really needed to be bringing to the gym every time I went. I wish I knew what other women carried in their gym bags. I feel like we all stuff our gym bags to the brim because then when people see us, they think we are a really big workout buff. Anyways, here are four things that I bring with me in my gym bag (aka leather tote) that I suggest you consider bringing too.

1. Comical Tank Top

Wear a tank top that is going to make you smirk every time you look in the mirror. I wore one today that said “I hate running,” which I bought from Victoria Secret. In reality, I love to run, obviously. My whole blog is about it. The humor behind the tank top is everything. Wear something that is going to make you chuckle and then at the same time work a little harder. This tank top is cotton and polyester, so it is soft and comfortable and feels good to sweat in it. You can find your own kick a$$ workout tanks here.

2. Easy to Sip Water Bottle

I know this sounds extremely silly, but I have had it many times where the water does not make it into my mouth, rather it makes its way down my chin to my belly button making hydration more of a struggle. And we have to keep hydrated during our workouts. It has taken me awhile to find a good water bottle. I am the mother hoarder of all water bottles. I have tried the trend of Camelbak’s with the easy to sip straw. I have tried your classic canteen SIGG water bottle. I have also even done the beautiful BKR water bottle and spent too much on it. Finally, it took me shopping in a small grocery store in Marshall, Minnesota, where my grandparents live, to purchase a Contigo “Jackson” water bottle. It is just a simple click to open the water bottle. Finally, I have found a water bottle that allows me to be running at a 9:20 minute pace and actually take a significant sip of water.

3. Headphones

It is a must to have killer headphones at the gym because how else are you going to run to the beat? I recently received Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones as a Christmas present from my brother. So far, I am impressed with the headphones. They produce great sound, have great battery life and are extremely comfortable. My only problem is that for some reason the right ear bud does not want to stay in my ear. Weird, I know. I have the iPhone 7+, so it is extremely convenient having wireless headphones since Apple took away the headphone jack.

4. Killer Playlist

If you are the type to get up early to go work out, you are going to need a killer playlist. This is mine:

  1. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn & Taylor Swift
  1. Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Fifth Harmony
  1. Wild Horses (Attom Remix) – Bishop Briggs
  1. Say It (feat. Tove Lo) – Flume

These songs get me through any plank, push up or pull up. I promise you that if you blast all four of these songs on repeat, not only will your ears be mad at you, but so will your muscles.


Hope these top four get you into top shape.

Wearing my Omni Saucony 15 as my dirty shoes.










Currently making more footprints.

Talk soon.



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