7 Rules for Dating a Rock Star


How to date a rock star from someone that knows.

Dating a rock star demands specific strategies for navigating the relationship. A lot of these tips can be applied to all relationships, but dating a rock star requires special considerations. Here are seven lessons learned from being married to an international rock star. If you are rocker catnip, you need to read on.

1. Don’t date someone if you don’t like their band’s music. It will save you from having to stifle your laughter and eye rolls every time they talk about it.

2. The band comes before you. It existed before you and affects more people. If you don’t give a person space to do their thing, you will be hated by the other band members or you will get dumped.

3. Going on tour is kind of boring. It sounds like fun, right? Imagine sitting around all day while everyone sets up and sound checks. A lot goes on behind the scenes that is less than thrilling.

4. Jealousy is pointless. People in bands get a lot of attention when they play. Let them enjoy this time and be happy for them. You will get one-on-one time.

5. Paranoia will kill everything. There will always be someone sniffing around wanting to get with people in a band because they’re in the spotlight. If the person is going to cheat, they would have anyway. If you think they are (even if they deny it), break it off. It will not last without trust.

6. Be supportive. Every band needs re-tweets and positive comments on its Facebook page. Rock out during their shows and clap loudly. It encourages other audience members to do so and is appreciated. BUT…

7. Have a life of your own. Being a tag-along is not cool. Suit up and show up, but remember you are not a member of the band. Your sweetie will love to brag about your talents, too. Hang out with your friends just as much as you did before you hooked up. Besides, you will need someone to come to the shows with you.

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