A time for custom giving

This is the coffee mug that I custom designed for my friend, the glitter addict.

This is the coffee mug that I custom designed for my friend, the glitter addict.

Have an idea for a unique Christmas present, but you’re not sure how to execute it?

Thankfully, customization websites can make those wonderful ideas come to fruition even for those who aren’t artistically inclined.

Take zazzle.com for instance. The company has been in the business since 2005.

“Zazzle is a marketplace where you can buy and make anything customized from iPhone cases to watches,” said Diana Adair, director of communications. “Zazzle’s proprietary technology enables individuals, artists, brands, and makers to create and offer billions of unique products for customers worldwide,” Adair said.

It allows its members to create, buy and sell personal designs or search through the website and purchase items that other members have designed.

To become a member of Zazzle all that is needed is an email and the creation of a password and the account is created. Zazzle is PayPal friendly and features a vast array of customnizable items that range from hoodies and coffee mugs to cosmetic bags and even skateboards.

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According to Adair, the most popular items this holiday season are wrapping paper and iPhone 6 cases.

Another wonderful feature about this website for the holidays are the coupon codes provided on a the website. Zazzle is always featuring a coupon code on its site for 15 to 20 percent off each order. Only one coupon code can be applied per transaction.

Other sites similar to Zazzle include cafepress.com and printerstudio.com.

My Experience

This Christmas, I decided to custom design a coffee mug for one of my best friends. I was able to pick out the size and style of mug that I wanted and then customize it from there.

I picked a small, two-toned, coffee mug. The blank canvas was the standard white on the outside and black on the inside.

To customize this mug, I had the option to upload pictures to decorate my mug, change the inside and outside colors and add text. I could also pick the color and font I wanted the text to be.

I chose a minty green color for the mug itself. I left the interior of the mug black. As far as the design goes, I chose to add text. I decided to write the phrase The only drug is glitter! (this particular friend loves glitter makeup and accessories). I made the text a hot pink, almost fuchsia color.

My only regret with my design of the mug is that I didn’t change the interior mug color. I wish I changed it from black to pink because I think it would have looked better and it is also my friend’s favorite color.

The mug itself costs about 20 dollars not including processing and shipping. I bought my mug on Veteran’s Day, where they offered a 15-20% coupon code on all orders. After applying the code, the mug ended up costing around the $15 dollar mark which again does not include processing or shipping.

The mug came in the mail quite quickly. It arrived about a week to 10 days after I had purchased it, it was packed very well, in a small shipping box filled with bubble wrap.

The end result is a beautiful, glossy, custom mug. The interior is more of a brushed ceramic look. I made sure the check my item for any sort of fractures of chips and it is completely solid.

Final Thought

The process of joining the website was incredibly easy. It only takes about a minute to sign up. If you have any questions regarding their products, they respond in a very quick and thorough manner.

I absolutely love that the site is always offering coupon codes on all of their products during this holiday season. Zazzle has a very large inventory of products to customize as well as to shop for.

The only draw back I experienced was that my computer would lag when I made changes. It would take a minute to process the information I was giving it. Which this drawback could very well be a computer issue versus a website issue.

I had such a positive experience that I have every intention of using this site again in the future.

Gift giving can be a stressful feat but thankfully with sites like Zazzle, you can be sure that everyone on your list gets something personal and one-of-a-kind.

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