A Time for Thanks: Students Share Thanksgiving Traditions

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I get increasingly more excited for my family’s Thanksgiving together. There are about 15 of us, but some of my uncle’s family joins us as well. We have some dishes that other families may not have, such as creamed onions and four or five pie options. My mom makes a delicious cranberry pecan pie. Aside from food, we draw names for our secret Santa at Christmas.


Although my family’s celebration is fun, it is only one example. How do other Mount Mary students celebrate the holiday with their loved ones? I surveyed 25 students to find out. Most commented on their food selection or an activity that they participate in.


“My mom makes the best pumpkin pie around.” – Tabitha Sander (Freshman, Undeclared Major)

“Every year we cook a different dish.” – Miriam Ojeda (Freshman, Fashion Design Major)

“We have cheesecake bites instead of pies.” – Stephanie Norman (Freshman, Education Major)

“We put a type of rice noodles in as a substitute for stuffing. The year before that, we made a turducken.” – Kaoly Thao (Junior, Sociology Major)

“My second favorite part is eating all the cranberry sauce by myself since I’m the only one who likes it.” – Jessie Minkley (Senior, Graphic Design Major)

“Growing up, we would make turkey shaped cookies.” – Clarissa Rolefson (Freshman, Biology Major)

Several students shared similar food traditions. Three of the 25 reported that ham is present at their celebration. Three students also commented that they have a deep fried turkey. Multiple people expressed a disliking for turkey and mentioned a substitute.


“We go Black Friday shopping.” – Emma Quinn (Freshman, Psychology Major)

“Trivial Pursuit” – Victoria See (Sophomore, Biology Major)

“We do arts and crafts ornaments for Christmas.” – Maria Perez (Senior, Sociology Major)

“We go out to the shooting range and shoot as a family.” – Carlie O’Donnell (Sophomore, Justice Major)

Six out of the 25 stated that their family goes around the table and says something that they are thankful for before eating. Six students also reported that they watch TV following their meal. Four of those six people specified that they watch football.

Looking through the surveys, it is really interesting to learn all of the unique traditions that different families have. No two celebrations are exactly the same. With unique foods, traditions and other factors, we all find a way to celebrate the same holiday a little differently.

Happy Thanksgivings everyone!


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