ABV Social Review

Located in the Mayfair Collection are a handful of food shops, restaurants and cafes. Whole foods market, ABV Social, Corner Bakery, Cafe Grace, Bombers, Holey Moley Coffee and Doughnuts, Pizza Man, OSGood’s, Smoke Shack, and Taqueria Él Jefe are within walking distances or a short drive away in the area.

My friend and I wanted to check out one of the restaurants. We initially wanted Mexican food. So we stopped in Taqueria Él Jefe. We soon realized it was similar to a Chipotle or Qdoba, in the sense that you stand in a line to order your food, then find a spot to sit and enjoy your food. We were hoping for more of a sit down and order atmosphere.

Since Taqueria Él Jefe wasn’t what we expected, we walked around the building and decided to check out what else was there. Down from the corner was a cute little cafe was a black and dark green themed cafe called Cafe Grace and ABV Social, which was a rustic industrial styled beer and sports restaurant.

We were drawn to the industrial style of ABV Social and decided to eat there. It seemed like a great spot for businesses around the area to grab lunch and we saw several groups of businessmen out eating lunch together.

There were an abundance of drinks and the food options sounded delicious. They even had a small arcade section towards on side of the room which was rather unique, but the overall  design of ABV Social was breathtaking from the first sight. It was definitely my type of design style and there were a lot of unique features that I thought were rather interesting.

After we were seated, my friend and I instantly started discussing the unique industrial features and the little details that were put into creating such a beautiful and social space. That’s what happens when you’re an interior design major. You can’t go anywhere without discussing about the interiors of a space.

The ceiling was exposed and the walls were a mix of exposed red brick and polished concrete which gave a very industrial feel to the space. Even though there were exposed materials, the space was inviting and simple. There were dark green accents that repeated throughout the space, tying it all together and adding a subtle pop of color along with a blue and white flannel fabric on the booth seats. Some of the lights were made up of long fluorescent lights that acted as the light fixture itself but was lit by two other light bulbs within. Others were large pendants with metal finishes that enhanced the space.

Even the seats and tables were simple. Different shades of wood mixed with metals to continue with the industrial aspect of the space. Above the little arcade room was a small section with strung lights and similar tables and seating as the main floor.

Everything about this space was industrial and rustic, but yet the space was inviting and relaxing. It was a simple and clean space that made me want to continue coming back. Not to mention the wide variety of beers on tap and other drinks, as well as the food. The food and drinks were very delicious, well priced and the space was absolutely stunning.

I will definitely be back to try more foods and drinks from ABV Social and to enjoy the space and I recommend you take a trip to see the restaurant for yourself! Until next time,

– Interior Geek

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