Adopting your own Hank

Brewer fans hooked by the Hank hype


The world of Major League Baseball, specifically the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans, celebrated the latest addition of new Brewers member, Hank the Dog, during preseason Brewers games as well as on Opening Day at Miller Park.

Some say the Hank the Dog craze has become a marketer’s dream come true. Hank souvenirs fly off the shelves at Miller Park’s Team Store. All proceeds from Hank merchandise sales benefit the Arizona Humane Society and the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Even Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett acknowledged the “Hank hype.” According to  ESPN’s website, Barrett joked the dog had turned into a “pup-culture icon.”

Hank’s history

Hank received a standing ovation when he was brought out onto the Brewers baseball field for the Opening Day festivities.

Hank the Dog is a scruffy, white dog, assumed to be a Bichon Frise mix. This snuggly little pup is estimated to be around 2 years old. The little guy took news outlets and the country by storm when he went from being a stray to a celebrity in the world of sports in a matter of days.

According to, the stray was found at Maryvale Baseball Park, located in Phoenix, Ariz., on Feb. 17. Team members instantly fell in love with their new companion, naming him “Hank” after Hank Aaron.

Today, Hank resides in Milwaukee with a Brewers’s staff member. He has become an official member of the team with the very appropriate number “K9” on his jersey.

Hank gets to participate in meet-and-greets for his fans. He also runs around the field during practice.

I can only imagine a practice field with burly, sweaty baseball players being reduced to giddy children at the first sight of the fuzzy critter. It shows even professional sports players are no match against adorable animals.

What does Hank’s story really teach us? It shows the need for second chances.

There are so many stray animals roaming the world in search of love and a place to call their “forever” home.

The Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee has dozens of animals including 11 dogs, patiently awaiting their second chance.

How to help

Many stray animals are found in Milwaukee everyday. Visiting your local animal shelters when looking for new companions, helps give these animals a second chance in a new, loving home.

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society website, “Don’t patronize puppy mill breaders!”

Irresponsible breeding (puppy mill breeding) takes place when breeders over reproduced animals for profit, essentially giving away the animals to anyone for a price.

A way to help the situation is researching where your beloved pet is coming from .

Another way to help our furry friends is to be on alert.  Often, stray animals are abused by their owners before they become abandoned.

Animal abuse is a felony in the state of Wisconsin. If you notice an animal being abused or seems to be a stray around your area, contact your local police department or animal rescue agency.

Pictured below are only some of the Wisconsin Humane Society’s dogs up for adoption.

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