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As college students, we need to start looking for internships and, eventually, *shudder* jobs. This might sound scary, but finding work clothes doesn’t have to be the scary part. The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store located in Greenfield has blazers, skirts, tops, pants and shoes all perfect for women’s business attire.

St. Vincent de Paul’s mission statement.

When walking towards women’s clothing, a mannequin can be seen modeling a great outfit for a formal internship. This shows how St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store really values providing wearable, fashionable outfits for women.

Wait, are you sure we’re in a thrift store?

The common price of blazers was $5.17. Some blazers were more vintage with shoulder pads and all, but some were actually very modern. Racks were full of endless options and sizes.

Just one rack can show that there were plenty of colors and patterns to fit anyone’s taste.

Blazers are great for office jobs, but can even be dressed down with a pair of jeans. Blazers can give any outfit a professional touch. The first one I found is more on the modern side because of its cut–it’s form-fitting rather than boxy. 

This one found next was definitely an exciting find because it was a Ralph Lauren blazer for only $5.17. I think the color would look great with black dress pants–just make sure you don’t spill any coffee on it.

These blazers are actually dark black; the lighting doesn’t do the photos justice.

 St. Vincent de Paul also had options for skirts and pants. Both skirts and pants had the common price of $4.07, which I found to be very impressive. Many of the pieces I found were modern and extremely professional.

First, I looked through the plethora of skirts and found many stylish pencil skirts. Again, there were tons of colors and sizes, flexible to body types and preferences in style.

Many options.

I was shocked to find this skirt for only $4.07. I loved the buttons on the waistline.







I also found a classic, black pencil skirt. This could serve as a staple to a woman’s business attire wardrobe.


I think this is my favorite out of the skirts I found because, in my opinion, it appears the most professional. Vertical stripes are shown to make a woman appear slimmer and taller, which can help with confidence in the workplace.





If you’re like me, you’ll want to wear pants rather than skirts, so I made sure to scope out the business pants. Like everything else in this awesome store, there were plenty of options. Here are just a few of the pants I found.

I also looked at tops. Sorry, guys, you can’t just wear blazers with nothing under them. I think that even if you’re interviewing for a job where they either provide you with a uniform or it’s casual, you should show up to the interview with a nice, professional shirt on, so owning some formal shirts is a must.



This satin, blue shirt could dress up any outfit when wanting to look put-together for an interview, casual internship, or job. The long length means that it could be tucked in or worn over leggings. The material is what really makes it nicer than just a cotton shirt. It was also only $3.17.




If blue isn’t your color, here’s a satin, off-white shirt that can also serve as the same purpose (it isn’t as long, though). I think this shirt would look great under a blazer. 

Finally, I looked at shoes. A nice pair of heels can make an outfit look ten times more professional by default. I always find really nice shoes at thrift stores–I probably won’t be going to a store for shoes any time soon.

Pointed-toe heels are super classy. Might I add that Nine West heels are rarely ever under even $40, while these were $5.55. 

I love these black heels. I mean, look at them shine. Black heels are a must-have for the classy business woman.


Okay, maybe these are a little risky for a business look, but I am obsessed with this color. When it comes to powder blue, I’ll love pretty much anything. Why not add a little fun to a serious look?


And that’s a wrap! There was some great stuff at St. Vincent de Paul–now I know where to look for clothes for any formal jobs or internships. No one has to know that you didn’t even pay over $6.00 for any of the items you’re wearing–they’ll just know you look cute. Thanks for reading and I’ll have even more finds next week!

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  1. Great addition Quinn!

    You always do such a great job of covering a variety of garments for both business and casual — you show fantastic versatility!

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for what you find next!


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