Allergy relief in gluten-free: Dietary author Elizabeth Barbone visits college


Elizabeth Barbone, Mount Mary College and Culinary Institute alumna, visited Mount Mary’s Food, Literature and Culture class to discuss her background with gluten-free foods and why she decided to start eating gluten-free. Barbone is the author of “How to Cook Gluten-Free” and “Easy Gluten-Free Baking,” as well as a blogger for

Barbone was born with several food allergies including dairy, soy and certain nut products. She also dealt with limited food options. She said it was difficult for her to eat as a child because ingredients were not listed on food packaging. Barbone knew if she was not familiar with a certain food, she dare not eat it. Barbone said she always wished she would have had more food options.

Barbone was inspired to start eating gluten-free and writing gluten-free recipes after she read “Against the Grain” by Jax Peters Lowell, which is about the struggles of being on a gluten-free diet. When starting her own gluten-free diet, she discovered the food was “horrible,” which motivated her to create her own recipes. Barbone’s recipes allow consumers, specifically those with allergies, to enjoy better tasting  food without worry because her recipes list all the ingredients.

“It’s very important to be technical with food writing and recipes,” Barbone said. “Being descriptive in recipe writing is always important.”

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