Arches presents: Engage

Dear students, faculty and staff:

With this new section, Engage, Arches hopes to provide an interdepartmental place to highlight campus events, people and the ways in which they engage on campus. This page is a spotlight for various programs and extracurricular activities to inspire and involve the student body as a whole. Because face it, information can so easily slip past our awareness in emails we choose not to read and display boards we choose to ignore while dashing through the halls. Arches hopes this page will be a common ground — an additional place to look for issues, ideas and forums that perhaps make you want to engage.

As students, it is simple to create “departmental vision” where we do not intermingle beyond our own major, department or residence hall. Without engagement, we the students remain nameless, faceless shadows — like ships in the hall passing each other without any ties and connections. College is more than classes; it’s networking, sharing of thoughts and ideas and cultivating relationships that potentially could last a lifetime. When people become engaged, connections are made and a true sense of community is formed.

We want our Mount Mary College campus to thrive: high attendance for campus-related events without “mandatory” looming, depressing the energy of the event. So often we lose track of what is truly important, right? Because there seems to be no time to read another book, no time to relax and cheer on Blue Angels and no time to have an adult conversation with peers you respect and admire. So now we must make time for these very things: education, involvement and leadership —the “little, big things” that may have attracted us to this school in the first place.

We are all ingrained into the essence of Mount Mary as it helps mold us into the good, talented people we will be in the future.

Best wishes,

Arches staff

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