Local Paint Bar Mixes Art with Wine


In a room with walls covered in paintings and tables covered in paint splatter, people of all ages gathered to paint and sip on fine wine. Live music played in the background, overshadowed by laughter and chatter from groups of families, couples and friends.

Patrons painted in a room covered with famous, unique art works and with a bar in the corner.

This is a typical Friday night at Arté Wine and Paint Studio.  A paint bar like this is the perfect place to go to try something new, express your creativity or go out with friends while staying warm from the harsh winter weather. Patrons can paint on their own without instruction or take a paint class, all while having the opportunity to sip on their favorite drink from a full-service bar.

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The Arte Wine and Paint Studio offers patrons a place for peace and creativity.

Arté Wine and Paint Studio is located in the Village of Wauwatosa, only two-and-a-half miles away from Mount Mary University at 1442 Underwood Ave. It offers a variety of paint classes, parties and activities along with an open bar to enjoy wine, beer and cocktails.

According to Arté Wine and Paint’s website, www.artewineandpaint.com, its motto is, “Drink till it looks good!”

At Arté Wine and Paint, there are a variety of paintings that the customers recreate.

“There are a few paintings that are from famous artists like Van Goh or Monet, but most are creations from the instructors [at Arté Wine and Paint],” said Eleni Pavlopoulos, on-staff artist and cocktail waitress at Arté Wine and Paint.

Arté Wine and Paint offers classes two or three times a day, every day of the week excluding Mondays. There is a calendar located on its website that shows the times of classes offered on each day, and the painting each class will be instructed to recreate on a large canvas, usually sized 16 x 20.

“The instructor guides you through it step by step, and even drinks with you,” Pavlopoulos said. “They are really fun, and can sometimes get pretty rowdy with everyone drinking.”

The paint bar is self-directed, and each person decides which size canvas size they’d prefer, ranging from a 6×6 canvas to an 8×10 canvas.  People also get the opportunity to either decide which painting out of the selection at Arté Wine and Paint that they would like to recreate, or can simply opt to paint a creation of their own.

While taking part in the paint bar, the customers have an on-staff artist serving as their cocktail server.  The artist/cocktail servers take the customer’s drink and appetizer orders and also help them with any painting questions.

“I really enjoyed the paint bar,” said Abby Radish, a sophomore majoring in dietetics at Mount Mary University. “I felt comfortable being able to choose a painting that wasn’t too complex for me, and my server was more than willing to answer any of my questions and help me.”

Arté Wine and Paint also offers private parties for any occasion on any day of the week. It will even host a party at any off-site location of the party’s choice. It provides the canvas, easel, brushes, paints and aprons for private parties.

A perk of having a private party is that the party gets to decide what painting the group would like to be instructed to recreate.

“People under 21 are welcome at all times, and a lot of people don’t know that,” Pavlopoulos said.

This is a common misconception, and Radish also did not know how family-friendly the environment would be.

“The variety of ages surprised me,” Radish said.  “Since it includes a bar, I assumed it was only for adults, but it welcomed a diverse range of ages when I was there…it really is suitable for all ages.”

If painting does not interest you, anyone can go to Arté Wine and Paint to just enjoy the bar.  There is also an opportunity every first Friday of the month to experience live music from a local band from 6-10 p.m. There is no cover charge, no painting requirement and an open bar throughout the event.

“The live music was a fun surprise and provided mellow background music,” Radish said.

Arté Wine & Paint’s class prices can range from $35 for a two-hour painting class to $45 for a three-hour painting class.

Reservations are not mandatory for the paint bar, but they are recommended to avoid a possible wait time. You can make reservations online or over the phone. Once again, a canvas, paint, brushes, smock and written instructions are all included. The price for the paint bar ranges from $9 to $17, depending on the size of the canvas.

The price of private parties depends on the day of the week and how many guests are planning to attend.

For more information, visit http://artewineandpaint.com or call 414-810-6095.



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