Bank VP returns for creative writing degree

Mount Mary College alumna Jessica Lueck


At the age of 29, Mount Mary College alumna Jessica Lueck has already achieved successes in the workplace that take many decades to accomplish. Lueck graduated from Mount Mary in 2007 with a bachelor of arts degree in English professional writing, and is now vice president of marketing and communications in the Institutional Trust and Custody Division of U.S. Bank.

However, even with this admirable accomplishment, Lueck’s journey after graduation continues as she pursues a master of arts in the creative writing program at Mount Mary, with an emphasis in poetry.

Lueck chose to pursue her master’s degree because she believes it is important to complete whatever it is you started.

“[I wanted] to hone my craft, become more of an expert, and immerse myself in something challenging,” Lueck said.

Just like every student enrolled at Mount Mary, Lueck has experienced what some have yet to understand about the difficult journey after graduation. Lueck’s own journey is definately challenging as a mother of two with a full-time job and homework.

“[The] path isn’t always smooth,” she said. “It doesn’t always make sense and most of the time, it doesn’t seem fair. But, I’ve found that if you ignore the noise, everything always works out and nothing is ever as bad as it seems.”

Lueck mentioned English associate professor and graduate program chair Ann Angel as a significant supporter of her education. Angel’s advice helped Lueck when she was struggling with the balance between life, work and art.

“[Lueck’s] poetry is the thing that keeps her connected to life … [it is] important … to remain connected in a creative way because that will feed the soul of life,” Angel said.

“Suck it up buttercup,” Lueck said. “I say this to myself all the time to remind myself that I’m here to get a job done and you know what? Work isn’t always fun. But it is rewarding.”

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