Be an Angel: Join Campus Ministry


Director of Campus Ministry, Lea Rosenberg, provides opportunities for student leadership where students can learn about responsibility. Her Campus Ministry Angels are
volunteers who work with her as she shows them how to plan and execute community events.

“I strongly believe that students should take part in leadership roles, experiences and positions,” Rosenberg said.

While Rosenberg is head of a vital department for Mount Mary College, she still needs assistance to coordinate community events. Although it is a great opportunity for Rosenberg to receive help, she believes that it is a greater opportunity for students to learn valuable leadership skills.

When they plan events, the Angels, organize and follow through to the end, making sure everything runs smoothly.

This academic year, four first-year students at Mount Mary assisted Rosenberg to brainstorm and divide events, gaining worthwhile experience in leadership.

Katie Roell, a first-year student, was an Angel this past academic year and spoke highly of the skills learned while helping Rosenberg.

“Engaging with other leaders has allowed me to learn from their abilities and how to strengthen my own. It has pushed me to expand outside my comfort zone to be an effective leader,” Roell said.

Aside from the experience of arranging community-sized events, Roell has gained much insight into herself as a leader. She said, “Campus Ministry allows for individual growth in leadership abilities. I chose to become an Angel to be a part of the ministry to serve as well as to foster my own faith.”

Although the Angels work hard, they also learn the benefits of work in leadership while having fun. Next fall, the Angels and Rosenberg plan to take part in Box Out Homelessness, which raises money for Repairers of the Breach. As part of the event, participants will sleep outside in boxes overnight, in solidarity with the homeless, to raise money for Repairers of the Breach.

“I hate to say it’s fun, but you get to do it with friends, so you get to know each other very well,” Rosenberg said.

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