Bella Italia! Part 2 – Florence, Cinque Terre and Venice

By Kayla Urban

Thanks for coming back for traveling through Italy part 2! Let’s dive right in!




(Day 7)  We took the ItaliaRail from Rome to Florence.  We stayed  with Airbnb host Caterina for $77 a night. After a long train ride and check in with our Airbnb host, we did a self-tour of the Palazzo Vecchio. This spot includes many shopping places and food to try. If you’re on a budget there are also supermarkets in the area for snacks and of course, wine. This day we also did laundry and found a laundromat near our host’s home, however one load of laundry with wash and dry was  $7. 

(Day 8) Unplanned free day. Breakfast at an American style bakery Mama’s Bakery to grab some amazing baked goods and home style favorites like French toast. Then we went to Giardino Torrigiani gardens out of curiosity and found a very well keep garden with knowledgeable staff.  We spent the evening walking through the streets of the city, eating gelato and admiring the Duomo.  

Cinque Terre


(Day 9)  We took the train from Florence to Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre.  We had planned to stayed with our Airbnb host Stefano.  After two hours of complications to reach him, we finally settled in. Our stay here was intended to be only one day because our host was going to help us rent a boat to go between the five small coast cities, however that fell through. We improvised and walked through the city and took in the sights. It was a very small village but had beautiful views and little places to eat at.



(Day 10) We took the train from Cinque Terre to Venice. We checked in at Hotel Venice Resorts in the heart of Venice. The location was hard to find, and we had a difficult time checking in. The actual room we stayed in  was also far away from the check in sight and above a restaurant,  so if you are an early to bed type of person, this is not a great option for lodging. However, it was decently priced at $70 a night.

After check in, we grabbed some pizza and walked around the town. We ended up stumbling upon one of the universities doing an art show free to the public.  We  walked through it twice!

(Day 11) We took a boat tour with Walk of Italy again and during the evening we visited the Casino Di Venezia. Though it was a pricey time at the casino, we met some lovely people. Note: you will need your passport to enter and play.  They also require males to wear a jacket and will give them a suit coat o wear while playing.  No requirements for women as far as I could tell.

(Day 12) We explored the island and did an amazing amount of walking. We hit all the hot spots such as St. Mark’s Square , Leonardo da Vinci Museum, and the Jewish Ghetto.

Ciao Italy!

(Day 13) Heading back home!  We took the train back to Milan to fly to Dublin then back to the U.S.  Though this was a trip of a lifetime and only costed us about $3,200,  we know we haven’t seen everything yet.  We already have it on our bucket list to return within 10 years and explore other amazing cities in Italy. Until then, check back soon to read about how we took on the Florida Keys!

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