Best Apps for You: App-ly These to Simplify Your Busy Life

Women’s Health

Maya My Calendar
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, webPlatforms: iOS, Android
Use this menstrual cycle calendar to track your flow, weight, mood and other symptoms related to your period.

  • Record menstrual phases.
  • Predict stages of fertility.
  • Calculate cycle and flow length.
  • Provide flow history chart.
  • Log sexual activity, weight and temperature.
  • Log symptoms and moods.
  • Backup data and sync to all devices.
Standout Features: Maya has a simple interface that uses intuitive color codes to make daily tracking of flow and fertility easier. I love that the app provides daily tips and information about women’s health concerning menstrual cycles. It assures me that how I am feeling physically and emotionally are completely natural occurrences during that time of the month.
Works as a woman’s personal period diary to track flow length, cycles, ovulation and chance of conception.

  • Track flow duration.
  • Calculate chance of pregnancy.
  • Record mood and symptoms.
  • Set push notification reminder for contraceptive.
  • Activate notifications for period, fertility and ovulation.
  • Help predict menstruation, cycles and ovulation.

Standout Features: The fertile symptoms tracker uses complex calculation such as body heat, cervical firmness and cervical mucus to track conception chances. Additionally, the community feature provides a way to communicate and exchange ideas about various topics with other women concerning reproductive health.

Verdict: Both apps succeed at documenting, predicting and helping women understand everything related to their menstrual cycles in an appealing and equally functional manner. That being said, My Calendar was rated higher than Maya due to the sheer number of features it offers and the complexity with which they function.


Charity Miles Walk and Run Tracker 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout
Platforms: iOS, AndroidPlatforms: iOS, Android, web
Tracks exercise activity and allows users to earn charity money for every mile traveled via fitness brand sponsors.

  • Track miles.
  • Record fitness stats.
  • Create teams for increased fitness motivation.
  • Pledge 25 cents per mile for walking or running.
  • Pledge 10 cents per mile for biking.
  • Provides over 40 charities to choose from.
  • Provides donation information on selected charity.
Standout Features: Donate to organizations like Habitat for Humanity or Soles4Souls while improving your health and maintaining your fitness. With Charity Miles’ easy-to-use interface, users can see the money they have earned in real time.
Offers step-by-step guides to various exercise routines achievable in the dorm without the need for gym equipment.

  • Remind you to work out daily.
  • Record training progress automatically.
  • Offer detailed video guides.
  • Increase exercise intensity step-by-step.
  • Include 30 day abs, full body and butt challenge sets.
  • Provide sharing capabilities with your friends on social media.
Standout Features: This app has up to six months worth of fresh material so routines won’t become repetitive. Feedback is also requested post-workout to help tailor the experience.

Verdict: While I love the generous concept of Charity Miles, The 30 Day Fit Challenge outranks it due to its functionality and quality performance. The 30 Day Fit Challenge offers structured guidance and incorporates versatile routines.

Productivity Todoist
Platforms: iOS, Android, webPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows, web
Use to manage your life and stay organized with to-do lists, reminders and note taking features.

  • Set customizable deadline reminders.
  • Assign tasks and share lists.
  • Use talk-to-text feature to take notes.
  • Store images, videos, audio recordings and uploaded files.
  • Sync tasks between devices.
Standout Features: is neat because it goes beyond just setting tasks, offering notepad and sticky note features to appeal to your preferred method of input. I like the app’s signature feature Moment, which sends a daily preview of your upcoming tasks for the day, over time encouraging the habit of checking your agenda on a regular basis.
Todoist is a feature-rich task manager that allows you to easily organize your tasks and monitor productivity.

  • Set, complete and re-schedule tasks from any synced device.
  • View and manage to-do tasks.
  • Set customizable due date reminders.
  • Incorporate sub-tasks, sub-projects, color-coded projects and priority levels.
  • Create group/team tasks.
  • Use graphs to visually track progress.
Standout Features: Organization is taken to the next level by using a cloud-based service in addition to offline management, making all of your tasks and reminders easily accessible.

Verdict: You honestly can’t go wrong with either of these apps, as both rank close if not equal in performance and functionality, so I recommend downloading both and seeing which one best fits your needs. Keep in mind that this review is for the free versions, but if you are willing to pay for the pro versions of these apps, I recommend Todoist because it offers the most features for the price tag.


Mint Toshl Finance
Platforms: iOS, Android, webPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows, web
Use Mint to manage your financial life all in one place, from overseeing your budget to tracking your credit score.

  • Use line graph to showcase monthly budget.
  • Track upcoming bills.
  • Show account balances.
  • Get credit score (updated quarterly).
  • Offer tailored money-saving tips.
  • Send payment reminders.
  • Alert suspicious transactions.
  • Issue warning for low funds.
Standout Features: Mint gives you insight into your big-picture spending while also tracking your individual transactions. It has the ability to read synced accounts in order to calculate spending habits and suggest better budgeting.
Use Toshl Finance to learn budgeting tips and keep track of all your personal finances.

  • Encourage saving.
  • Remind you when bills are due.
  • Provide engaging visuals to manage finances.
  • Send low budget warning notifications.
  • Use any world currency.
Standout Features: My favorite aspects of this app are the user-friendly interface and engaging visuals. This app balances fun with functionality by offering easy-to-understand graphs and monster avatars that offer useful financial tips.

Verdict: Although Toshl Finance is a well-done app, it doesn’t beat the universal appeal of Mint. The latter works with numerous financial institutions, including PayPal and bitcoin, to offer you insight into your financial situation all while maintaining an easy-to-use and attractive layout. Mint masters the balance of complex functionality with user interface simplicity.


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