Black Panther Review

By: Payton Hintz and Lexie Kline

Black Panther dove deep into the secrets of Wakanda that we have been wondering about since the introduction of Prince T’Challa in “Captain America: Civil War.” Though T’Challa was presented as a lone wolf or more accurately, lone feline, this is certainly not the case. Black Panther is filled with badass

Photo Credit : Marvel- Black Panther

women fighting with T’Challa who you could say, are his weapons. Women in superhero movies are often the “damsels in distress,” or the background noise that seem to get in the way of the hero. Shuri, Nakia, and the countless other warriors made it possible for Black Panther to succeed. The women are just as much a hero as T’Challa.

The use of color in Black Panther was the best yet from the Marvel Universe. Costume design was spectacular, and color literally danced across the screen and pulled viewers deeper and deeper into the Wakandan jungle. Costume design and visual effects play a huge role in the success or failure of movies, and this was definitely a big success for the Marvel Universe.   

To quote the couple sitting behind us, “That was the best villain since Loki.” They were not wrong. All too often, superhero movies fall flat because the villain is easily overlooked and forgotten. Loki is the kind of villain that viewers hate to love, and Black Panther offers another villain of this sort…one they can sympathise with.

The combination of fierce women, spectacular color and visual effects, and a memorable villain have earned Black Panther a five star rating from Arches News. If you are a long time Marvel follower, or someone who will be joining this universe for the first time, Black Panther is a great movie that will have you hooked wanting more.  

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