Brunching at Blue’s Egg: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Blue's Egg 2It was midday during a torrential hail storm in Milwaukee. Pellets of frozen rain whipped down, striking every tangible surface from all four cardinal directions. Cars spun out on the slushy mess that was once a road. Blue’s Egg, located at 317 N. 76th Street, was on a 10- minute wait.

A myriad of 25 tables were crammed with people in the main seating area, and were placed three inches apart from one another. It was like having breakfast with complete strangers, yet we were more alike than we initially thought: We were all hungry and desperate enough to trudge through a hail storm for hash browns. What was wrong with us?

The atmosphere, cramped seating aside, was a little eccentric. The restaurant is in a strip mall (say what?!). The decor is what some would call art deco-y and has an awesome Milwaukee-themed mural on the wall that I wanted to steal for my living room. It wouldn’t fit in my purse.

Despite the vastness of the menu, I ordered enough food for a small village, so here’s what you should get and what you shouldn’t.

For a Sweet Tooth

Monkey Bread

The monkey bread was TO-DIE-FOR. Order the bread “crunked,” and the chef will give you caramel whiskey sauce. The bread is doughy and soft and I wanted to sleep on it, but I ate it instead. The sauce was salty, sweet, and punched with whiskey, a metaphor for life itself, really.

For the Adventurous Eater

Smoked Salmon Crepe

There’s nothing cooked about the smoked salmon crepe. Raw salmon, raw red onions, cream cheese, capers – all wrapped in a crepe. It’s like the Jewish delight lox, but French. It would have been better served with a garlic aioli or light gravy. Also, ask for light onions!

For Those who Have Eyes Bigger than Everything

Three Egg Sandwich

The three-egg sandwich was huge and hard to eat because the chef probably took a Texas-size loaf of bread, cut it in half, stuffed toppings in between and served it to me. I’d skip ordering if you hate a poor bite ratio of bread to everything else.

Heavenly Hash

Chicken Chirzo

The chicken chorizo “Very Stuffed Browns” is a godsend. It came out looking like a pile of chili dog hash browns, so I was initially suspicious. Beware of the slight kick-in-your-tush spice that surfaces mid-bite, but this was the highlight of the whole meal/hail storm. Get this. Do it now.


Blue’s Egg is exactly 10 minutes from Mount Mary’s campus via Menomonee River Parkway. Pricing is affordable for a college student’s budget, ranging from $3-$12. Plus, the restaurant walks the farm-to-table talk by requiring that all of the eggs served are cage-free and locally sourced from family farms. If it’s worth going in a hail storm, it’s worth everything.

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