Call 9-1-1! The Packers Were Robbed!

There’s not a single Packers fan in the world that hasn’t seen or heard something about the disappointing loss against the Seattle Seahawks this past Monday.  Of course, people immediately began to blame the temporary referees which then lead people to blame the NFL for not resolving the strike with the real referees.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest sports fan in the world.  Yes, I support all teams from Wisconsin.  If Wisconsin had no teams at all, I would probably never watch sports.  I definitely don’t know the history of football. I would fail at online fantasy football games because I hardly know any of the players.

Here’s  how bad I am in football trivia: I had no idea who Jimmy Johnson was until he went on Survivor. Now, every time I see him on television I get excited and yell, “It’s the Jimmy Johnson from Survivor!”  The point is, if I’m up–to-date with what happened during the last Packer game, then what happened during the game WAS a big deal (Surprisingly, I was at a bar that night and the game was on. So it wasn’t like I was totally oblivious).

The debates, regarding the referees recent calls, were plentiful.  For example, some people argued about whether the  catch  was intercepted by a Packer player. On the other hand, some people argued whether the Seahawks scored.  Other people argued about pass interference against the Seahawks before the catch was even made, while others were angry at Aaron Rodgers (Yes, I do know who he is. I even knew who Brett Favre was when he was a Packer) for being sacked so many times.

While I understand that the temporary referees were inexperienced and made a lot of poor judgment calls during the Monday night game, I felt sorry for them.  They were the ones who were stuck refereeing the games due to the strike. Now, they have to deal with all the  backlash from the football fans, the NFL organization and the players.

Do we all need to take a step back and realize that those referees are human and  tried to do a job to the best of their abilities?  Shouldn’t we give them a break? Not many people I know would be willing to come to work just to be hated and criticized. If the strike continues, these brave souls will have to return to work next week.

In the end, it was just a game.  There are plenty of  Packers games to come and they will be playing the Seahawks again.  Isn’t there already too much anger and hatred in the world to get so upset over football?

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