Campus Biz: Student Government Association


Kelly Matenaer, vice-president of SGA.

Your opinion matters to Mount Mary College’s administration. The Student Government Association is a group of students granted the ability by administration to make change based on their peers’ viewpoints.

Without your viewpoint, SGA is missing the very thing it needs: you.

Unlike world politics filled with layers upon unending layers of red tape, your SGA has the power to make change with the student body’s best interest in mind.

This upcoming year is important for gathering student feedback. Concerns such as designating quiet zones, and the possible name change of Mount Mary College to Mount Mary University, will be addressed.

Kelly Matenaer, newly appointed vice president of SGA, wants to “exponentially increase student participation and get them excited and involved in order to be the most effective government.”

SGA introduced reoccurring open forum meetings in fall 2011. These meetings are open to the full student body and are meant to show how the SGA works, to welcome students’ opinion, and to hear and address the concerns of the Mount Mary community.

The open forum meetings also welcome third parties, such as FSI, to talk about menu options requested by students. A representative from Barnes and Noble is also available to hear students’ opinion on how to improve services.

“We have an ever-changing world on campus. SGA has the vision of tomorrow, the knowledge of yesterday and the energy of today,” said Matenaer.

What is exciting is you don’t need to join the group to have your voice heard. Just show up at the meeting and speak up – done!

Please join SGA on February 1 at noon for the next open meeting held in North Dining Room.

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