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Emily Lohner, founder and president of Women in Business

Interior design, accounting, chemistry, dietetics and business aren’t just majors at Mount Mary College anymore. Some students are gathering together, organizing and uniting as “Women in Business,” Mount Mary’s newest student organization.

Emily Lohner, transfer student and interior design major, is the founder of Women in Business and its first acting president. “I’m good with communicating … and leading, so why not do it, take charge and show others how to work it,” Lohner said.

Lohner wants to know and network with students outside her major and enable others to do the same. Networking is what business is all about.

“We’re all [here for] the same goal of perusing a career – having an organization that addresses that makes us stronger and more successful – a really vital tool and really good for education,” Lohner said.

Fundraising for Women in Business will venture away from the traditional bake sale. It will be designed to be both fun and informative for everyone. For instance, some events could be Zumba classes, social or networking (skill-building) topics or fashion shows similar to the television program “What Not to Wear.”

In addition to campus fundraisers, look forward to the Women in Business speakers series, where students will learn from the experiences of established businesswomen in the Milwaukee area.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this organization, starting in January 2012, you can attend meetings held at noon on the third Tuesday of each month in the Ewens Center.

Please visit Women in Business on Facebook and twitter. For links directly to the accounts, visit

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