Campus Cafe & Lounge Breakdown

Whether you are a student who lives on campus or a commuter, you are bound to find yourself using one of the lounge areas that Mount Mary has to offer. There are some that tend to get much busier than others, and some that are used for quiet study areas. With each space, their functions may be relatively similar, but the feels can vary. .

Interior designers work to create  aesthetically pleasing spaces, but keep in mind the overall function of how the space will be used. A successful design incorporates a balance of function and aesthetics. A space can look appealing, but might not function well depending on where things are placed.

On Mount Mary’s campus, there are two main cafe areas that students generally use: Cyber Cafe and Parkway Grill or “The Grill.” There are also several other hot spots on that are near the cafes that tend to be more quiet without having to go to the library.

Cyber Cafe

The Cyber Cafe is located in Gerhardinger below the science department. This space is typically used by commuter students due to the access from the larger general and staff parking lots. Many commuter students also use this cafe for the access of computers that are against one side. It allows the students to work on the computers and access cafe beverages and snacks all in one spot. With today’s mentality of multitasking, this spot has the right idea.

This space can get pretty busy because of the access to computers, printer and cold foods such as salads, sandwiches and wraps. Not only does this cafe have multiple functions in one, but the interiors of the space allows students and staff to collaborate and get comfortable with the furniture. Each piece of furniture allows students to engage in the space for whatever they may need catering to the several functions of the cafe.

This space is  more modern and updated, the furniture combines the traditional style with a modern twist. The neutral paint colors mixed with cool tones of fabrics allows for the space to feel inviting yet relaxing. This space gets a lot of natural light from the large windows from both sides so the warm colors can help add to the brightness on cold gloomy days.

Sue and Jack Jacobus Student Lounge

This student lounge area is nearby the cyber cafe. It’s a little seating area that is tucked away in a section of the Gerhardinger building. This isn’t a cafe area, but it’s relatively close by and allows students to get more privacy. This student lounge area is generally quiet and good for getting work done without being distracted.

The furniture in this area is similar to the cyber cafe, but the textiles on the chairs are slightly different patterns. There is still a combination of comfortable lounge chairs with cushioned seats around tables for collaboration if needed. This space is less colorful on the walls, allowing the stone walls and antique door stand out as the feature. The muted patterned carpeting creates a subtle movement that allows the space to have some character, but not overpower the stone walls. It adds just enough color to make the space relaxing, not to mention the large glass windows that look outside to the beautiful trees on campus.

“The Grill”

“The Grill” is the nickname for the Parkway Grill. It’s the main spot for hot food fresh off the grill. This space is like a second lunch room to the students and staff on campus, making lunch and dinner times quite busy. However, t

his space is great to meet up with friends and when it’s not so busy, there’s a lot of great space to get work done.

This space has a section of lounge furniture by the televisions, allowing students to relax and catch up on shows, or even some booths along the opposite side of the room. In between the two lounge areas of the grill, there are standard seats that circle around several tables.

The furniture within this space is a blend of comfortable and functional pieces allowing students to relax and get work done. With the comfy lounge seating, this space allows more relaxing unless you’re sitting around a table away from the distractions of the televisions. The color scheme of this spaces is more bold with bright yellows mixed with deep blue tones and muted greens. Most of the time, the lighting of the space is lit by the natural light coming through the windows. However, when the lights are turned on, the mood of the space is still dim and relaxing.

Fourth Floor Lounge

On the fourth floor where the art classes reside, there is a student lounge area that is away from all of the chaos from the other busier areas on campus. This space is generally used by fashion, graphics and other art students. It is much further away from the cafes, but it provides a quiet space to get work done and normally, the students using this space are commuters who have food to heat up.

This is similar to the other spaces when it comes to furniture and a mix of warm colors. There are a few lounge seats to take naps in, or two long tables with many chairs to collaborate or work by yourself. Since it is a quiet spot, it’s a great location to get work done without distractions. The bright and warm colors give a cozy feel, keeping the mood upbeat and cheerful.

As you can see, the interiors of the several lounge and cafe areas on campus are rather similar and uniform. They all have a cohesive design that incorporates a blend of comfortable lounge seating with collaborative options, as well as a mix of warm and cool colors. This allows the spaces to be multifunctional and creates a bright and inviting space that is relaxing.

Stick around for next week’s post with Interior Geek and comment down below which lounge space you enjoy most!

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