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With the recent influx of violence at schools, Mount Mary College Public Safety has taken strategic measures to keep the campus safe, including increased security patrolling in the parking lot, emails to keep the students and staff aware of an urgent situation and a heightened awareness of those entering and leaving campus.

“We are constantly evaluating our policies and procedures to keep everyone at Mount Mary safe,” said Paul Leshok, director of Public Safety. “Our current focus is on our emergency procedures, due to recent current events involving violence in schools. Emergency procedures have been revised, and copies of the procedures are posted in all classrooms, offices and common rooms on campus. On Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, we conducted a test of the RAVE emergency alert system. Test emails and text messages were sent out to everyone registered in the RAVE system.”

Leshok has also taken precautions to prevent personal items from being stolen. According to Leshok, when a theft occurs he increases the outside patrols and requests additional patrol from the Milwaukee Police Department.

Leshok updates a daily crime log to keep track of all crimes committed on campus, and he makes some of those records available on the Mount Mary website.

Beth Schoenwetter, director of Residence Life, also works to keep Mount Mary safe.

“We are very intentional about keeping certain areas of the building locked to avoid unauthorized personnel from reaching areas that need more security,” Schoenwetter said.

“This year we also changed the stairwell keys for the residence hall so that residents only have access to the hallways of the residence hall through one stairwell. This keeps the flow of traffic to one area of the building and is more effective to monitor.”

Sister Georgeann Krzyzanowski, director of buildings and grounds, confirmed the campus safety precautions, referencing the television theft incident last year.

“They have been much more cautious of things,” Krzyzanowski said. “They are being very careful. The TVs are chained to the wall. During the day, the elevator in the kitchen is opened for a short time for requests and emergencies.”

Anyone looking for more information about new safety policies or recent crime records can contact Leshok.

“Mount Mary is a very safe campus,” Leshok said. “This is a combined effort between students, staff and Public Safety. Public Safety tries to maintain a visible security presence on campus. At the same time, students and staff need to practice good personal safety strategies themselves. The combination of both make Mount Mary a safe place to be.”


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