Campus-wide book read: ‘The Hunger Games’


Mount Mary College’s campus-wide book read returns this spring with a work of nonfiction entitled “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.

While “The Hunger Games” is published by Scholastic and written for a young adult audience, it has themes of political oppression, class inequality and kinship.

Set in the future where people who live in districts are kept hungry and poor because of a past uprising,each year one boy and one girl from every district family must compete in the Hunger Games,a battle of death mandated by the government.

Susan Nieberle, alumnae director for Mount Mary, along with the Student Engagement office, plan to have a Hunger Games Week on campus the week of March 18. Activities are to include two discussions, Bingo and lunch, daily trivia and a private showing of the movie.

“Bring a friend to the Hunger Games week,” Nieberle said. “We are very excited to offer these activities and especially for the private screening of the movie premiere to top the week off.”
“The Hunger Games” is available in the campus Barnes & Noble for 30 percent off.

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