Charmed Makes a Comeback from 1998

On October 14th 2018, the CW aired a reboot of the hit 1998 show, Charmed. The 2018 reboot follows the intertwining stories of three sisters, Mel, Macy, and Maggie. One night, the girls come home to find that their mother has been mysteriously murdered. After this horrifying discovery, the three sisters learn that they are witches just like their mother. From this point on, it is their duty, with the help of their mentor, Henry, to find out what happened to their mother and to take down a very powerful demon who wants to destroy their lives (literally).


If you like watching supernatural shows and dramas, then I would suggest this to you. Charmed is a multi-faceted show. It has a supernatural aspect with the girls being witches and fighting demons, while it also is dramatic in the sense of these sisters are discovering who they are and their new roles in life. The three girls all struggle with something in their personal lives, whether that is fitting in, being comfortable with themselves, and/or hiding the fact that they are a witch from their girlfriend. Another theme of the show is its comedy. During times when it gets a little intense, the audience is given a comical relief through some of the characters’ personality traits. For example, Mel is a sarcastic gay woman who delivers funny one liners to keep the audience intrigued and also to provide some levity.

From the first few episodes, Charmed appears to be a funny and great freshmen  reboot that captivates the audience and uses visual imagery to take you to another world. Charmed airs on Sundays at 9/8c on the CW, so slot some time on your calendar and curl up with your favorite snack to watch this new show.

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