Choker Trend for Spring/Summer 2017

All hail! The choker is back! Not for dogs but for us ladies who take on that edgy style with confidence.

What many of us don’t realize is how chokers became a trend. The website explains that chokers date back to the Sumer Empire in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and were worn for protection and power by the wealthy and those who hold governmental positions.

According to the website, chokers were worn during the Renaissance era (about 1300 to 1600) as a fashion statement.  However, later on during the 1800s, the simplistic ribbon chokers indicated that women were prostitutes, according to an article on

The view of chokers as a sign of prostitution affected chokers for a long time and still does today. My grandmother will never view chokers as anything but a bad girl trend. Anytime I wear a choker, she tells me to take that dog collar off!

Amanda French.

Reasons for wearing chokers have changed since the 1800s.  Amanda French, a sophomore majoring in interior design, wears a choker with almost everything in her closet, including baggy sweatshirts.

“I wear my choker because it’s trendy, but you can tell some girls aren’t willing to accept this trend by the interesting looks they give me when I’m wearing it,” French said.

French could not be more right. There will be the conservative crowd who will simply not accept the choker trend due to it’s past. If that’s the case, who will wear them? Simple, the bold. No one who puts on a choker is expecting to silently get by and not be noticed. Wearing a choker is a confident statement.


Ready to be bold! Check out these websites to order your trendy choker.

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Nordstrom: Offers that sexy yet classy choker every girl needs.

Kohl’s: Offers some great starter and simple chokers that every girl should have.


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