Creativity is the New “Sexy” in Halloween Costumes



It’s Halloween. The sound of six-inch stiletto heels clicking against concrete resonates through the parking lot. Women, sparsely dressed, imitating Disney characters, scamper across the pavement, seeking warmth from Wisconsin’s often cruel October nights.

Sound familiar?

Although society implies through the sale of miniscule costumes to bare a lot of skin during Halloween, it is just not conducive to Wisconsin’s erratic weather patterns. Why not change the way we view Halloween costumes? This year, creativity is the new “sexy,” not cleavage. Women can have it all. We can be unique, warm and sexy all at once.

Here are my costume picks for 2014:

A Beautiful Stranger

If you’ve ever heard of a Neighborhood Watch Program, you may be familiar with the old signs that homeowners would display in their windows. It usually said something like “I am a part of the neighborhood watch program” and then displayed a picture of a black, shapeless figure, wearing a Fedora and popped up collar.

You could be a “beautiful stranger” by simply pairing a long, dark colored coat with a popped up collar and a matching Fedora (instead of a fedora you could choose a black hair clip with veil attached). Optional: Wear a bold lipstick such as red or violet.

Mary Buth


Taken right out of Wisconsin’s history book is Mary Buth, a famous Germantown ghost story star. Story has it that Mary Buth was a nurse during the Civil War, her home a makeshift hospital. She fell in love with one of her patients and on their wedding day, he stood her up. Mary became crazy with devastation and took an axe on the other invalid soldiers as revenge. Supposedly believers have seen a white shadowy figure carrying an axe, lurking in the woods as if it were looking for someone.

To create this costume you will need: a long white dress and a bloody axe prop.

Optional: Pale face makeup with dark gray around eyes to create a ghost effect.

A Dirtbag

For those of us with little in our pockets, an essentially free costume is ideal. A “dirtbag” is probably the easiest costume to come by. It requires only a garbage bag and a name tag with the word “dirt” written on it. What would make this costume even more hilarious is if you have the option to an actual bag of dirt such as Miracle Grow. However, there may be some cleaning required. All you have to do is wear the bag over your normal clothes, name tag attached, and you have a super quick and easy costume.

This costume basically allows you to act like a jerk the whole night.

Fortune Teller


October 8 was the premiere the new season of “American Horror Story” titled “Freakshow.” This season circles around a circus freak show that features a bearded woman, an amazon, a strong man as well as other abnormal characters. If you enjoy creepy-carnivale type characters, then you’ll love this idea.

In order to become a fortune teller you will need a scarf to tie around your head, a long flowy maxi dress and a shawl to wear around your shoulders. Optional: carry around a large snow globe as your “crystal ball.”

Frida Kahlo


Maybe you want to go the empowering route with your costume. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who was known for creating portraits of herself. She has since become a feminist icon.

To embody this immortal artist, you could wear a long, floral dress and brightly colored shawl over shoulders. In order to really pull off this look,  you will need to put your hair up in a braided up-do and decorate your hair with either a ribbon woven into the hair style or wear a floral headpiece. For the face, wear a lipstick such as a reddish orange or nudish red. Then use an eyeliner that most resembles your natural hair color to connect your eyebrows to look like a unibrow. Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

With this these costumes, your creativity will speak for you on Halloween instead of your body.

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  1. Nice and informative post. Really its new creativity and also it looks great. Most of peoples wear sexy halloween costumes for halloween parties. So that creativity is required for halloween costumes.


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