D.I.Y. winter accessories create style, save money


Winter in Wisconsin is all about playing in snow, ice skating, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. Why not be cozy, save money and be fashionable? All you have to do is dig through your closet for any old clothes you don’t wear anymore or something you wish still fit.

“The best benefit of D.I.Y. is of course, saving money,” said Ro Hensley, a blogger on Vinted.com, a resale website.  “I’m a girl on a budget, so anything I attempt to do myself is because it’s the most cost friendly option first.”

D0-it-yourself projects are trending now, especially as gifts.

“Creating a gift for someone is sentimental,”  said Bao Yang, a human services counseling major at Ottawa University in Kansas City, Kansas. “We take time and effort to make the item and it means a whole lot more to me than something store bought.”

Do-it-yourself projects are about originality, flexibility and uniqueness. Many craft stores offer good quality suggestions on what to use for specific projects.

“With DIY it is all about creativity so be creative where you shop,” said Janelle Judy, a junior majoring in fashion design at Mount Mary University. “I get basics at like Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann’s but I have gotten supplies from charity, resale and hardware shops.”

Wearing scarves with any outfit can add an extra punch, so why not make your own?

“My favorite D.I.Y. for winter would have to be a scarf,” Judy said. “I like scarves quite a lot. I love how simple and chic they can be and if you pick a beautiful color it just warms your face up for winter.”


Photo provided by JANELLE JUDY
Janelle Judy modeling her DIY scarf.

Do-it-yourself projects don’t have an age limit. Becky Xiong, a sophomore attending Rufus King High in Milwaukee, has been doing do-it-yourself projects for two years.

“It’s affordable and cheap,” she said. “It’s fun and easy. The D.I.Y. usually requires materials that can be found around your house.”

Winter should not stop you from being chic and stylish. Do-it-yourself projects are adding to your wardrobe using your wardrobe.

“Winter weather does not have to be a drag,” Judy said. “It can help you stand out even more if you are fabulous!”

Here are three D.I.Y. ideas you can make for a gift or for yourself:

Leg Warmers
What you’ll need:
– An old sweater
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Tailor’s chalk/fabric marking pen

How to make them:
1. Take your old sweater and lay it flat with the front facing up.
2. Measure the length from your leg to see how long you want your leg warmer to be.
3. Using that measurement, measure the same length onto the right or left arm of the sweater.
4. Using the marking pen, mark the length across the arm.
5. Then, with the scissors, cut across.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5.
7. You have your comfy leg warmers!

An Infinity Scarf
What you’ll need:
– Old long sweater or t-shirt
– Ruler or measuring tape
– Tailor’s chalk/fabric marking pen
– Scissors

How to make them:
1. Lay your sweater or t-shirt flat on a flat surface.
2. Cut off the hem, usually about 1”.
3. Measure out how thick you want your scarf to be vertically.
4. Mark straight across where you want the scarf to end using your ruler and marking pen.
5. With your scissors, cut across, then stretch it out enough for you to fit it over your head or if you want to make two loops around your neck.
6. There you have it, an infinity scarf!

What you’ll need:
– An old sweater
– Ruler or measuring tape
– Tailor’s chalk or marking pen
– Scissors
– Sewing machine/hand needle

How to make them:
1. First, take your old sweater and lay it flat on a flat surface.
2. Place your hand in the form of a mitten towards the bottom of the sweater with your wrist ending at the hem. (The hem will be the end of the mitten)
3. Trace around about 1 ½“above your hand using your tailor’s chalk or marking pen. Cut out the mitten.
4. With right-sides pinned together, stitched 5/8” along the sides, if possible trim half of the 5/8”, and notch curves.
5. Enjoy!

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