Dirty Shoes: About Me

My name is Hayley Johanna Hove. I was born on February 22, 1995.  My blogging career started in February  2017 during my senior year at Mount Mary University.  In May 2017, I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in merchandise management and minors in business administration and new media writing.

The idea for Dirty Shoes was derived from a conversation with one of my fashion professors, Stephanie Brown. Stephanie used to work as a journalist, and I was speaking with her about careers in journalism. We got on the topic of blogging, and she said I’m a perfect candidate to write one. I shared with her that I wanted to write about something other than just fashion, so she told me to write about two things that I love to do or write about. I was then directed to find those two things and run with them.

Style within running is immensely important to me, and in 2017, it is extremely relevant. With the combination of my two loves: running and fashion, every post will have a dose of each. My excitement everyday relies heavily on clothing and my workout regimen, so why not share that with the people.

The title of my blog, Dirty Shoes, was created in efforts to encompass the importance that my dirt crusted running shoes have on me, as well as all my other shoes. It is about capturing all the moments that your feet hit the ground. Remembering where each footstep has been is difficult, but I’m willing to take a chance with it. Take a moment and look down at your shoes, do you remember the first time they got a scuff or stain? Do you remember the thoughts that went through your head as it happened?

Everyone has a pair of dirty shoes. It is relatable to many parts of life because every pair has a story.  My dirty shoes are everything to me. They remind me of where I last was and where I am headed.

Are you ready to start leaving dirty shoe prints with me?


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