Dirty Shoes: Let’s let them tell the story

I want to do something a little different this week. I want my dirty shoes to tell the story this time. It’s their turn to tell of a specific time when I was wearing them and share that with the world.

Let the stories begin.

Saucony Omni 15

We raced hard in the mud this past fall for Hayley’s cross country races. One specific race stuck to us, and we mean literally stuck to us. It was so muddy that day that the mud got all over our colors and reached all the way up to Hayley’s knees. We had to take a bath in the sink with Hayley scrubbing us to get back to our clean selves again.

These Omnis were bought this season. I got so many good miles in them.











Saucony Jazz

Hayley purchased us at a store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I think it’s called “clothing mentor?” or something along those lines. I remember the first time Hayley laid her eyes on us. She was thrilled and knew she had to have us. We made it home with Hayley a few weeks later when she finally bought us.

Resale find


White Converse High-Tops

Hayley purchased us on her study abroad trip in Paris. She wanted us for some night out she had planned and wore us with some ugly red skirt. She liked it, but we sure didn’t. We remember people stepping all over us because the crowds were so big where Hayley went that night. We got so upset at her, and the next morning when Hayley took a second look at us, she wasn’t happy with herself either. We had gotten so dirty that we would never be the same white again. However, we learned to take honor in our dirty marks, hence the name “dirty shoes” for her blog.

The famous Paris Club shoes.


Blue Nike

Gosh, we remember that day at the outlet mall in the Dells. So many customers were trying us on, throwing us on and then off. Hayley found us while casually strolling through the shoe aisles not intending on buying shoes but definitely intending on buying shoes when she found us.

I absolutely love the “Nike” on the back of the shoes. I just had to show it.











Black and White Roshe

Hayley convinced her dad one year that she needed a new pair of running shoes for cross country. Little did he know that all of the runners’ shoes would be covered under the funding from the cross country team. But he didn’t need to know this, Hayley thought, and she proceeded to convince him that we were the exact shoes she needed for her season. Although she never did or has worked out in us.

The “running” shoes. NOT.


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