Dirty Shoes Made for Walking

The infamous combat boots.

I always think to myself before I write, what do I want to write about this time? What do I want to share with people that is going to make them come back to Dirty Shoes again?

I need you all to know that I am no fitness guru, but I have had fun informing you on what I do know, which isn’t everything to do with fitness but definitely a good amount. I also want you to know that my point of view comes from a running standing point. Some of yours may come from a basketball, tennis or even a sprinting side, but we all have workouts that seem to best fit us.

As my blog comes to an end on this outlet of Arches, I want to express to you before I leave that no matter who you are, your dirty shoes are made for walking.

Like I said above, no matter what sports background you come from we all have a workout that fits us to a T. So own that workout, do it, master it and be the leader of it. Your dirty shoes will be so proud.

This past weekend I attended a Chainsmokers concert at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. I went with my roommate and our good friend. We danced for two straight hours to complete dance music. We jumped, threw our hands in the air and had the time of our lives. And get this, I didn’t have to worry about my shoes getting dirty at all. Because I have a pair of shoes that is strictly for concerts, strictly “made for walking.”

This boot has definitely seen better days, but has experienced a lot of fun.

These heeled combat boots I originally got at Clothes Mentor in fact! I took them to Paris and wore the hell out of them. I guess I really thought they were the shit on that trip. Ever since they have walked the streets of Paris, they haven’t been the cleanest shoes, so I decided to dedicate them to my concert shoes. They are sassy boots, but they certainly do the job for all my concert goings. I don’t care if paint gets thrown on them or drinks get poured on them because without that character, they wouldn’t be the boots they are today.

I called this post, “Dirty Shoes made for Walking,” because I truly believe that we all have a pair of shoes that makes us feel invincible or at least like we can conquer any mosh pit in the world, and that is what these combat boots are to me.

Find those shoes that are like that to you. I promise it will be worth keeping them dirty.

Talk soon

Dirty shoes out
Hayley Hove

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