DIY Choker


All of these materials can be purchased at Walmart or any craft store.

  • Iron
  • Fabric (3 inches by 11½ inches)
  • Scissors
  • Heat Bond Tape
  • Ribbon or any type of string
  • Large Eyelets
  • Hammer


  1. Fold the edges of the fabric ½ inch in.
  2. Take the heat bond tape and place it between the folds.
  3. Iron the folds.
  4. Place one large eyelet on the end of the fabric and hammer it in place.
  5. Repeat step four for the other end.
  6. Take the string and put it through the eyelets.
  7. Now you can tie it anyway you choose.

How will you style your choker? Respond in a comment below.

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