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Out west, tucked away on HWY 12 in Sumpter, WI lies a mystical sculpture garden. Dr. Evermor’s Art Park, an outdoor art gallery which encompasses various metal contraptions built by Dr. Evermor, Tom Every in 1983.

The art park houses the famous Forevertron, a metal structure towering 65 feet tall and 108 feet in length.

The Forevertron stood wide and mighty – as my partner and I were greeted by what looked like a steam-punk carnival inviting us in for an experience only a mad scientist could dream up.

I felt as though I had walked into a different dimension. The structures mimicked pieces of scrap art, all with a meaning behind, all which I wanted to find out.

Intergalactic Energy

Dr. Evermor sat under a shady knoll awaiting our arrival as if he could already sense our energy on the grounds of the park.

To make the energy more pronounced, he reached out his hand to me, waiting for me to return his command.

This is what he called an intergalactic handshake – you look into one another’s eyes to see each other’s hearts while tapping the back of our hands against one another’s, transferring energy.

The Doctor’s eyes were a watery blue – intense and sad. It felt like years of suffering in which he retreated to the park for solace.

The Myth of Forevermor

The Forevertron was his escape from reality. He build it as a way to transport himself to a fantasy land, away from what we recognize as real.

“When you’re under duress or some kind of unbelievable sadness, that is some time that you can get the hell away from society,” Evermor said.

As Evermor’s story is told, a minister and his son were caught in a thunderstorm one evening. Lightning struck, scaring the young boy who asked his father the origins of lightning. The boy’s father told him that God is the sole creator of lightning.

According to the book, “A Mythic Obsession,” by Tom Kupsh, the boy’s response was “If lighting comes from God, maybe I can get to God by creating lighting on earth and riding it up to the celestial spheres.”

The boy grew up during the Industrial Revolution with a passion for scientific discoveries. He became a successful scientist that we come to know now as Dr. Evermor.

This Doctor’s goal was to build a machine to catapult himself into the heavens away from the dreaded place, we call earth.

As the time came to launch, the Doctor climbed the stairs to the top and assembled himself in the glass casing inside a copper shell. Passersby’s watched in awe as he got ready for takeoff.

What happened next depends on who you ask. Some say in one swift swoop, the Doctor was gone. Others say, during takeoff they could hear a voice scream “Evermor Forevermoooor!” as he was launched into nothingness.

All confirmed that the Doctor had vanished.

After the creation of this myth, Every took on the title of Dr. Evermor and made this myth his reality. Hence, the Forevertron was born; his magic machine.

Passion to Do

Dr. Evermor exudes a strong passion to do things. Passion is extremely important to him along with having a drive to do so. He explains that using the metaphor of a seed.

“I get kind of nutty about the word, seed. Seed is everything,” Evermor said. “Your anticipation of planting a garden and it grows: a seed is the foundation for enthusiasm if you are going to build something or do something or anything else.”

Evermor built honorary pieces in his park to present to others. His mission was to give respect to what we have in front of us: to take things for what they are.

After touring the whole park. I noticed one section at the end dedicated to different variations of wild birds. To him, birds represent freedom: freedom of speech, freedom to do. This freedom was displayed throughout his art gallery.

“I like birds,” Evermor said. “They are non-threatening species.”

Since Dr. Evermor is unable to do the things he used to, he sits restlessly in the library of his nursing home, sketching. He hinted to us an immense desire to go out to continue his work and thanks us for coming to visit his park.

“I’m down there in my jail cell, [nursing home] ya know?” Evermor said. “I like people that are doers. You guys are doers.”

To become a doer, visit Dr. Evermor’s Art Park at:

S7703 US HWY 12
Sumpter, WI 53591

Read more about it: http://www.amazon.com/Mythic-Obsession-The-World-Evermor/dp/1556527608

Website: http://worldofdrevermor.com/

Fast Facts Box:
Tom Every
Birthday: September 20, 1938
Astrological Sign: Virgo Sun, Leo Moon
Elemental Energy: Earth and Fire – The passion and drive of a fiery mind with the practicality and logic to build and pioneer.

Find your astrological sign and elemental energy here: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal

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