Fashion Association Holds Fundraising Events on Campus


The Mount Mary Fashion Association teamed up with former Fashion Association leader Laura Bavlnka, a senior Apparel Product Development major working at Fair Trade for All, to host the Pashmina Party on Feb. 12 and Feb. 13.

“Fair Trade is a production that ensures a fair living wage to artisans who create handmade goods and foods,” Bavlnka said.

Fair Trade changes lives

Bavlnka gave a short presentation to shoppers describing what Fair Trade is. She pointed out how anyone can shift their spending to affect the lives of families, women and children around the world.

DSCN5307Trish Kuehnl, a merchandise management instructor at Mount Mary, shopped at the sale.  She also attended the presentation.

Kuehnl knew fair trade products were providing a fair wage for the artisans, which allows  them to support their families and end child labor.

“What I did not know was that it prevented parents in these developing countries from selling their children into the sex trade because they could not make a living wage to support them,” Kuehnl said.

Kuehnl explained that by purchasing Fair Trade products consumers are helping the people in struggling countries provide DSCN5308food and shelter for their families. Further, they are able to work in a safe environment and send their children to school.

For every item purchased, 10 percent of the proceeds were being donated to Exploit No More, an organization working in Milwaukee which fights human trafficking.

Overall, the event raised $ 100 to benefit Exploit No More in funds.

The association’s plan is to host another Pashmina Party toward the end of this semester.


Manicure event raises needed funds

The manicure event was also hosted by the Fashion Association.

“It’s a brand new thing, we just started this year. $2 mini manicures, come over the lunch hour to get your nails painted,” said Evone Harris, a current leader of Mount Mary University’s Fashion Association.

Harris believed it was one of the most successful fundraisers the association hosted.

“The nail polish event went well, we had a lot of customers,” said Valerie Gonzales, another leader of the Association this year. “The fashion association made a profit and enjoyed chatting with the students and teachers who helped support our club.”

Gonzales noted the proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to the Fashion Association with some of the profit supporting the annual fashion show. In the past, they have also teamed up with PAC to support outside charities.

IMG_1681The association will also be hosting this semester a Closet Sale, their annual Pizzeria Piccola fundraiser, and a What Not to Wear makeover event.

Volunteers are needed. Please contact for more information on the Fashion Association and how to help.



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