Fashion Association open to all students


The Fashion Association is a student-led organization on Mount Mary University’s campus which caters to the fashion community; however, this year it’s open to women of all majors.

The Fashion Association has been around for many years , but has always been exclusive to apparel product development and fashion merchandising majors.  Joining the association allows students to network with each other and professionals from the Milwaukee fashion industry.

“The club is there simply to further the careers of anyone interested in joining,” said Trish Kuehnl, the full-time merchandising management instructor on campus and faculty adviser of the Fashion Association.

Photo provided by Mount Mary's Fashion AssociationThe Fashion Association is open to all lovers of fashion, not just fashion majors.

Photo provided by Mount Mary’s FASHION ASSOCIATION
The Fashion Association is open to all lovers of fashion, not just fashion majors.

“You don’t have to study fashion to enjoy it and [by] only allowing fashion majors to be a part of the Fashion Association,” said Evone Harris, senior fashion merchandising management major and leader of the Fashion Association. “We are leaving out a major market. We can draw creativity from students of every major.”

This year a change has been made. The organization changed its rules and is open to all students who have a common interest in fashion.

“I didn’t even know we had a Fashion Association before this summer,” said Erica Hill, a business major.

Hill now plans to join the Fashion Association this year to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry and meet new people.

“[Students] can benefit by networking with other Mount Mary University students from other majors and other interest areas,” Kuehnl said. “A diverse network is always beneficial.”

The Association meets at least twice a month, usually taking place in Kostka Hall 248 on Wednesdays either over the lunch hour or later in the evening.

Its  first event this school year took place off-campus at Francesca’s in the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa on Sept. 8. It was the first event open to all students. It was a fun, relaxing night where students met each other and learned what the Association is planning this year.

All the leaders of the Fashion Association were excited and pleased with the first event. In November, the association planned a trip to the Third Ward to allow students to network with local business owners.

“There were a couple of non-fashion students that we were very excited about,” said Valerie Gonzales, a junior fashion merchandising management major.  “And hopefully we will be seeing them and their friends in the near future.”

If you want to join the Fashion Association, all you need to do is come to events and help with the fundraisers on campus. Some of the past events include a nail polish fundraiser, a design-it-yourself tee shirt event, and a guest speaker, Patrice Procopio from Third Coast Style.

Photo provided by Mount Mary’s FASHION ASSOCIATION
The Fashion Association establishes and participates in fundraisers on campus.

“This semester we are more engaged with the Facebook, email, and were trying to make more posters,” Gonzales said.

The association sends out weekly emails as reminders for upcoming events they have scheduled. To join the email reminds, send an email to Rachel Schneider at

The association also has bulletin boards outside Kostka Hall 248. There are fliers to grab and a calendar listing all the events. Since the Fashion Association is involved in the Milwaukee community, it posts fliers about upcoming fashion-related events in Milwaukee as well.

“Come to all the events, and create a buzz on campus to include everyone else,” Gonzales said. 

To find out what is happening this year you can follow or join any of their social networking pages: Facebook,  Instagram @MTMARYFASHIONASSOCIATION or Twitter #mountmaryfashionassociation



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