Fashion is my passion!

Hey friends, my name is Kai Senaya and fashion is my passion.

Welcome to Everything Fashion:, where nothing pertaining to fashion is off-limit.

I am currently in the post-baccalaureate fashion design program at Mount Mary University. My  bachelor’s degree is in biology. I know, I know … how did I go from biology to fashion? You will soon find out why. Along with fashion, teaching is my passion. I am currently using my degree as a substitute teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools along with volunteering at different community centers and mentoring young girls and boys who aspire to be in the fashion industry.

Along with being a teacher I also work at a group home for boys, coach shot put for North Division High School, and work for an after-school program. I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but not for long. Once I am done with my post-baccalaureate program I plan on studying internationally to get my master’s degree in fashion design.

My passion for fashion started when I was a little girl, when my mother would make clothes for my twin sister and me. Along with my mom, some of my aunts sew and crochet. My father is from Ghana and some of my aunts and cousins are fashion designers and seamstress in Africa. Fashion was something I was indulged in since I was little girl.

In college I was so tired of looking like everyone else, so I started to reconstruct my clothes to make them look different from everyone else. From there I would have friends ask me to make them something. When I graduated, I decided to take it a step further, so I started Kustom Clothing where we specialize in customizing everything from bow ties to shoes.

I love colors and patterns, and I also love to dress up but be comfy at the same time. You will find me in an outfit that I can toss my favorite pair of Jordans on with. That definitely shows through my creations. My goal with Everything Fashion is to open your mind to think artistically about fashion and to get you comfortable enough to express yourself through what you wear by giving you inspiration though my posts.

If you love fashion, you will feel right at home. Get ready to step out of your box into’s world where your mind is free to explore your concept of fashion. Enjoy your experience!

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“Be differently you, be definitely Fly!”



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