Finding her way in a home far away

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Naureen Fatima, born and raised in Pakistan, moved to Wisconsin seven years ago. Although she has lived here for years, Fatima still considers Pakistan her home.
“I like it here, but the feel is different,” Fatima said.

“I always feel that my past memories are living in my present. I am physically here, but mentally I reside in Pakistan.”
Fatima said that there is a lot of media hype about Pakistan  being unsafe. According to Fatima, the media’s portrayal of Pakistan is not accurate.

“If one person from a certain group does something unacceptable, the media portrays the whole group as bad and that includes the country too,” Fatima said. “I know Pakistan is not as unsafe as depicted by the media.”

Fatima would like to see the media focus more on Pakistan’s amazing tourism sites, its historically rich culture and great hospitality.

Fatima chose to study at Mount Mary University because of the diverse and supportive community. Two of Fatima’s close friends who are graduates of Mount Mary greatly influenced Fatima’s choice to study here.

“I like the small classes because they provide for interaction,” Fatima said. “I also like the diversity at Mount Mary; I think it makes learning a rich experience.”
Her advice to students who would like to study in Pakistan as an exchange student is to get firsthand information from students who are in Pakistan.

“Talk to people who have lived in Pakistan before you buy into the media hype,” Fatima said.
Fatima is working to shape her career with a major in health communication.
She hopes to return to Pakistan when she completes her studies to help people with health-related issues live a healthy life.

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