Fishnets: Upcoming Trend for Spring/Summer 2017

The inevitable and treacherous fishnets from the 1800s are coming back. However, this time, they are coming back with a twist.

To be honest, it is not everyday that we see someone walking around with fishnets on. In fact, fishnets for so long were looked at as trashy because of the amount of skin that they showed.

Makenzie Patel, a fishnet lover and fellow blogger, explains how fishnets originated in Paris among those in the dancing, acting and even prostituting crowds. This makes sense when considering why some people view fishnets like they do.

Today, celebrities are using fishnets to spice up the typical crop top or belly shirt. It makes sense. Belly shirts are so hot right now. People no longer gawk and think, “Oh my gosh, you can see her stomach.” Instead, most people think crop tops are totally fashionable and part of basic everyday wear.

This is how high rise fishnets come into play. No one has ever seen it before or bothered to try it. It would have been thought of as unfashionable if it were not a style introduced by celebrities. Raising fishnets above the waistline on jeans and shorts gives them the chance. Not only will people look and see an astonishingly new trend, they will love the idea of fishnets coming back.

I am willing to bet money that Kendall Jenner started this trend. Not only does she pull this trend off perfectly, as shown by, but she has gotten a lot of buzz because of it. There is no better fashion icon out there than the Kardashian/Jenner sister. So, thank you Kendall.

This is not a style that should be pinpointed or pegged to certain people. If you are confident in what you wear, then wear this trend. Wear it loud and wear it proud. I know that I will be.

So here it is, my ode to the new and improved fishnets, along with some places to check them out.


Places to Buy Fishnets

Celeste Stein Designs: Looking to make your very own fishnets? Celeste Stein Designs lets you take your fishnet designs to the next level.

Allie Express: Looking for unqiue fishnets that no one else will have? Then is your go to.

Hot Topic: Looking for fishnets that are eyecatching and risque? Visit Hot Topic’s website or visit them at your local mall to get your fishnets.


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