“Flash and Bones” by Kathy Reichs a gripping mystery


Just mix a slang-loving detective with a saucy and sexy forensic anthropologist and you get “Flash and Bones,” the newest book written by Kathy Reichs starring Temperance Brennan.

Reichs’ newest novel sits comfortably on New York Times’ bestseller list and contains classy components of mystique, murder and mesmerizing plot twists. Reichs has carefully constructed a novel befitting of her own fame as a forensic anthropologist, which is mirrored by her character Dr. Brennan, a New York Times bestselling author and producer for “Bones,” a hit FOX television series based off of Temperance Brennan.

In this novel, Brennan mistakenly thinks she will have a calm summer at her home in Charlotte, N.C. when 200,000 NASCAR fans pour in for race week. This unexpected arrival leads to the discovery of a body stuffed into a barrel filled with asphalt. Neither Brennan nor the fans get what they expected.

The plot gives enough “come hither nods” so that readers feel like they’re onto something without being able to immediately solve the mystery. Not only does “Flash and Bones” offer a thrilling tale set in modern-day America, it allows the readers to put themselves in midst of all the action.

In combination with the carefully constructed plot, “Flash and Bones” has a colorful palette of characters, demanding that readers pay close attention to details. Two characters in particular leap off the page with as much clarity as filtered water. Detective Slidell is described in such detail that it is as if he’s chomping on a Whopper in the room with the readers. Whereas, Brennan’s sassy remarks of scathing sarcasm and intellectual jargon switch back and forth in such a way that the reader feels like they’ve gone to anthropology school themselves, but without all the confusion.

Brennan’s personality shines through the day-to-day drama of her job and personal life. For those who like a little ooh-la-la in their novels, the romance teeters on edge, always coy and dashing away at the first sign of something relevant to the plot.

So reader beware, it is easy to whittle away an entire day on Brennan and her gripping adventures.

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