Flower Power Trumps Summer 2017 Trends

Floral patterned shoes. Creative Commons photos by Mellanye.

Warm air surrounding us, rain pounding down and flowers blooming. It’s all about the spring season when floral patterns make their appearance.

What is a floral pattern though? A floral pattern is where flowers create a repeat pattern design. But whoa! What does that all mean? Simplified, a floral pattern is where flowers are repeated over and over again on the garment to create a design.

Not only does floral refer to flowers, but it also refers to plant and flower leaves. For instance, you may have a shirt that has no flowers on it but just a repeat of dainty flower leaves.

Some may wonder why floral patterns also include foliage. When considering the three areas of repeat pattern designs, there are geometric, conversational and floral. Within these areas, foliage doesn’t fall under geometric or conversational patterns. So foliage is classified as floral.

So, does everyone wear floral patterns? Weren’t they once considered something that a grandma would wear? Yes and yes! The truth is all women, no matter the age, can pull off floral. You will see little girls wearing springtime floral dresses, teens wearing floral printed crop tops, young adult women wearing floral bomber jackets, adult women wearing floral blazers and elderly women wearing floral sweaters.

Creative Commons photo by Elizabeth Hudy.

Don’t take it from me though. Take it from our fashion icon Kendall Jenner. According to instyle.com, Kendall rocked a bomber jacket with a floral design on each arm. Even actress and model Dakota Johnson makes this trend fresh again, according to whowhatwear.com. She rocked out a Gucci floral printed dress that had other celebrities gawking in amazement.

We all know that celebrities can wear just about anything and make it seem fashionable again. However, that doesn’t apply to the rest of us. How do we know if we are going overboard or aging ourselves with floral patterns?

My first tip is to consider where you are shopping. If you are shopping at Forever 21 where they are getting in new clothing constantly, I would trust their floral patterns. However, I would suggest staying away from resale shops. They will have styles from previous seasons, so you won’t know whether or not they are still in style.

My second tip is to make sure you are shopping where there is a quantity of floral. If there is quantity of an article of clothing that is not on a sale rack or towards the back of the store, then you are most likely shopping new product. 

Creative Commons photo by Carmen Jost.

My final tip is to make sure you are shopping in your age appropriate department. So, teens, don’t go pick out a floral suit jacket from the business women’s section.  Stay in the teen section because that is where the most trendy clothing for your age group will be. Same with businesswomen, don’t go shop in the moderate department because you will be aging yourself with floral patterns that are not trendy for your age group. All in all though, stick with your age.

Shopping florals doesn’t have to be tricky. Don’t avoid this trend because you’re worried about not wearing the right floral. Follow my simple steps to enjoy this summer’s hottest floral trend!

Here are a few places that I highly suggest shopping for florals:

For Younger Girls (12 & Under): https://www.kohls.com/catalog/girls-floral-kids-tops-clothing.jsp?CN=Gender:Girls+Pattern:Floral+AgeAppropriate:Kids+Category:Tops+Department:Clothing

For Teen Girls: https://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fts=teen+girl+floral+dresses

For Young Adult Women: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=f21&category=top_blouses-floral

For Middle Aged/ Business Women: http://www.jcpenney.com/g/floral-womens-jackets-blazers/N-bwo3xDglghkiZ1z141pw 

For Mature Women: http://appleseeds.blair.com/t/apparel/sweaters/cardigan-sweaters/pc/8/c/17/20.uts#

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