Food Services, Inc. offers more choices

by Jammie Schrab

Photo by Jammie Schrab Healthy food options from the Mount Mary College dining room.


Mount Mary College strives provide the highest quality food service. Over the summer a partnership was formed with Food Services, Incorporated as a first step.

“We are no longer looking for a company that sees us just as a customer but as a partner who will help us fulfill our mission – educating women to transform the world – in the most cost-effective manner,” said Reyes Gonzales, Mount Mary College’s chief financial officer.

FSI is locally-based business with a strong emphasis on providing for higher education at several locations throughout the Milwaukee area. Gonzalez believes partnering with FSI will bring Mount Mary closer to its goals because FSI agreed to work more closely with the dietetics program, as well as provide internships, student employment and scholarship opportunities.

FSI agreed to make Mount Mary the flagship location, “the standard by which other colleges and university food service will be graded, we will be the standard to measure up to,” Gonzales said. “Of course, we’re not there yet.”

Eric Webber, the district manager for FSI, manages the Mount Mary operation. “I want Mount Mary’s dining locations to be places where the community will look forward to going to get away from their stresses and enjoy food,” Webber said.

Students are hopeful for the changes and “enjoy having specialty grains such as quinoa on the menu and real meat options,” said dietetics major Katelyn Malzewski.

Kristen Bandurski, fashion major, is happy that the menu is more diverse, “with offerings like beans with bean curd.”

Mount Mary students will soon have the option of dining in the newly renovated Parkway Place, set to open in October. It will offer hot foods such as grilled sandwiches, fries and burgers, and will also serve as a study location.

The Cyber Café has returned to its original design as a grab-and-go food location. This space was never designed to serve hot food. Cyber Café will offer different salads, yogurt parfaits, fruit cups and more. If you don’t see what you like, make a suggestion by filling out a comment card or stop by the kitchen.

Webber recently accommodated two vending requests, one from a faculty member for a caffeine-free diet soda and another one for a gluten- and nut-free candy. The best way to offer suggestions is stop by the kitchen and make your suggestion or to fill out a card at the table located near the microwave in the Alumni dining hall.

“We were already in the process of improving our facilities to better meet the needs of our students,” Gonzalez said. “We also asked ourselves if we can give ourselves an opportunity to improve related cadre, learning, and quality as well.”

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