From Looking Cozy to Looking Fierce

My go-to Goodwill in West Allis had some great finds this week. I found a big sweater, some cute new shoes, and a jacket. I bought all of these items and have been wearing them ever since. 

A sweater with matching socks… what more could you ask for?

First, I found a striped sweater, because the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. The neutral colors caught my eye, and it definitely fit the bill in the big, cozy sweater department. It’s perfect for fall. I love wearing it to classes to be comfortable on a chilly day.









I absolutely loved the shoes I found, too. I found Keds that just screamed “vintage” as soon as I laid eyes on them. These shoes are straight out of the 90’s, and since I was born in 1998 and sadly missed out on this style, I need to live it somehow. The best part of them is the stripes; you never find that design on Keds anymore.


Goodwill: the only place where you’ll find vintage Keds for $4.99. 

Why do I love these stripes so much?













I think the best thing I have ever found at a Goodwill were these boots.

Trying to take artsy pictures of my shoes, as usual.

I knew as soon as I saw them that I would be able to get down and be a part of the “Rhythm Nation” at the upcoming

A better look at these beautiful shoes.

Janet Jackson concert I was going to. I envisioned them immediately with cuffed jeans and probably started salivating, to be honest. The heel is high enough so it isn’t too casual, while also not causing pain.


The grand finale of this post today is the jacket I found.

My mom and I at the Janet Jackson concert, where I wore this jacket that as only $7.99.

Again, I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming concert. This light jacket probably won’t provide much warmth, but it can make any outfit look a little more edgy than it was before. I think this jacket can make a statement without looking too “out-there”.



My tip for today: go check out the Goodwill located in West Allis and keep an open mind. From there, you’ll find clothes you’ll like in no time. Thanks for checking in on today’s Thrifty Thursday; there will be even more finds next week.


  1. Wow–Excellent finds! I will DEFINITELY be checking out Goodwill in West Allis! Cant wait to see what you find next week 🙂

  2. VERY sensible finds this week Quinn — I love the relevancy that you choose to incorporate into these blogs.

    It is the perfect time to begin looking for some comfortable thrifts to keep warm for the upcoming winter season.

    Keep the great blogs coming! 🙂


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