From MMU to Artist


Dawn Farina Condon’s creativity is evident as soon as you walk in the door. Condon, a Mount Mary University graduate, is a local artist who has been successful and works in her own home studio. She creates artwork  made of glass and metal including faces, clocks, garden people, jewelry, and angels.

When asked what her favorite pieces are, Codon smiled. “I like to make clocks…I’m kind of the ‘clock lady,'” she said.

Her father was an architect and painted for a hobby, which sparked Condon’s interest in the visual arts. At Mount Mary, she realized her true passion through a class taught by Sister Ramey, who inspired her to create 3-Dimensional art. After graduation, Condon created a business to show off her talents.

“I have been an artist all my life…I decided I was going to try to go into selling art.” Condon said.

Producing items for her church, she was inspired by angels and crosses. They have become a common theme for her. She loves working with glass because there are so many ways to use glass in art.

“It’s so limitless,” Condon said.

In addition to the pictured works here, you can visit her site to view her modern inspired design.


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