From Scrap to Craft: How to Reuse Your Old Notebooks

At the end of the semester, it is always sad to see those half-filled notebooks that you don’t know what to do with. You will be wasteful if you throw it away. Keeping it would be better, but only having half of a notebook to work with just doesn’t cut it ; besides, the cover is torn.

There are other options than throwing away your old school supplies without having to reuse a mostly filled notebook. Check out the following two tips to learn how to creatively reuse your partially written-in notebooks in order to reduce the amount of waste you throw away.

Fixing it Up

img_2145-editWhen you have a notebook that contains more empty pages than used pages, it could be reused with some repairing or brightening up. There may be a tear in the cover, or maybe you’re just sick at looking at the same notebook after a whole semester. Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

Colorful or patterned duct tape can make a huge difference in both fixing a notebook cover and giving it a new appearance. For less than $5, you can buy a roll that has more than enough tape to liven up and repair a few notebooks. After you duct tape the cover, just rip out the used pages, and it’s like a brand new item.

I have personally done this with a notebook from my senior year of high school. The notebook was very fun. It was full of neon colored paper, and I was not about to throw it out. The cover was damaged, but with the help of zebra print duct tape, I was able to use it in my first semester of college.

Creating a Personalized Notebook

img_2148-editDoing something with a mostly blank notebook is simple, but what happens when it’s nearly full of notes? This situation calls for some creativity. With an 88 cent binder and a folder, you can create your own personalized binder.

By ripping out the blank pages from an old notebook and placing them in the binder, you can be sure that the paper is be used. Punching holes in the folder and adding it to the binder sets up more storage room for handouts, constructing the perfect binder. This sounds like a binder with paper in it. It can be, but the creative part of this process is that crafting your own binder allows you to customize it to fit the requirements of a class.

img_2152-editMultiple topics in the class? Buy some dividers. Certain dividers will have pockets built in that you could also use as folders. Are you taking a math class? Insert some graph paper. Does your class require some drawings or diagrams? Add some computer paper to your creation. With this concept, not only are you using paper that would otherwise be thrown away, but you are also putting together a very purposeful school item.


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