Get Your Cheese On: The Dish on Pizza Delivery

It’s Friday night, you’re done with all of your classes for the week, and relaxation is calling your name. You’ve heard that the dining hall options for dinner are the same as it has been all week, which leaves you craving a delivery pizza. You make a mad dash to your phone to search for all of the delivery pizza options you have on speed dial.

Skalmoski making careful calculations to determine the best delivery pizza.

You know you want a cheese pizza with gooey, flavorful cheese, a mouth-watering sauce and a crust flavor that you will savor for the night. You want to feel as though you are eating pizza in Italy itself, staring at the Colosseum out your hotel window as you take a bite of your authentic pizza.

As you snap back to reality, you realize that you’ll be eating in your dorm room but you still crave that pizza that will satisfy your hunger pains for the night. As you search for your solution to your hunger problem, you just can’t decide which delivery pizza restaurant will satisfy your Italian cravings for the night.

Well, the confusion is over because the Arches staff has done the research, and we have found the best places to order a pizza that deliver to Mount Mary!

We recently compared five delivery pizza restaurants: Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Topper’s Pizza, Buddy’s Pizza and Jet’s Pizza. The pizzas were rated a score of 1-5 points based on the quality of their crust, the quality of their sauce (both taste and amount) and the quality of their cheese (also taste and amount).  Here’s what we found:

*Each pizza was a size large and had only cheese on it.

1. Domino’s Pizza

dominosWhile the Arches staff collectively enjoyed Domino’s the most, this was not my favorite pizza. I remember that Domino’s dominos-pizza-chartpizza used to be my favorite delivery place, but now, it has taken a backseat.  I thought that while the crust was very flavorful, the cheese and the sauce amount were uneven and not as flavorful as I hoped it would be.  In the end, I thought that there was way too much cheese on the pizza, which made it very difficult to eat.  I do still enjoy Domino’s Pizza, but I was disappointed because the flavor was not as good as I remembered it to be from my youth.

2. Pizza Hut

pizzahutMany of the Arches staff said that the sauce was very sweet, which all depends on the preference of flavor of sauce.  Many of the Arches staff agreed that the cheese was a little too chewy and thick, which is why it did not get ranked number one.

pizza-hut-chartOverall, Pizza Hut pizza was my favorite pizza.  This surprised me because again, I always considered myself a Domino’s fan.  When it came down to comparing, though, I realized that I loved Pizza Hut’s crust and the evenness between the cheese and the sauce amount.  I felt that the pizza was like a flavor explosion in my mouth. I was surprised that the Arches staff voted this pizza second place under Domino’s because I just was not as impressed as I was with Pizza Hut.

3. Jet’s Pizza

jetspizzaJet’s Pizza was right in the middle.  While it was a decent pizza, some of the Arches staff said that the Jet’s Pizza sauce was a disappointment.

jets-pizza-chart-1I thought that many of the components of the pizza were flavorless.  To me, the crust was very bland and tasted like cardboard. I had high hopes for Jet’s Pizza because it was a new experience for a pizza delivery restaurant, but in the end, I was disappointed. I am happy that some of the Arches staff appreciated the taste of this pizza, but I did not enjoy it as much as I thought.

4. Buddy’s Pizza

buddys-pizzaHere, most of the Arches staff agreed with each other on this pizza. Collectively, this was not one of our favorites because of the overpowering flavor of the sauce, unevenness of the sauce, and the overwhelming amount of cheese that did not even cover the whole pizza.

buddys-pizza-chartI have to say that I did not really enjoy this pizza.  The best aspect of this pizza was the crust, but it felt that it took a long time to get there because I had to wrestle through the cheese with a small amount of sauce mixed into the pizza.  When I finally got to the crust part, almost all of the sauce was on that end, which was somewhat frustrating.  I do have to say that the crust was very flavorful, which is why the Buddy’s pizza was not the lowest rating of all.  I did not feel that the flavors complimented each other, but at least there were different flavors there.

5. Topper’s Pizza

toppers-pizza-chartTo me, Topper’s Pizza was the most disappointing pizza.  I remembered having Topper’s only once before, and I remembered that it was one of my least favorite pizzas ever.  In addition, it was the most expensive pizza of all, and I did not think that the flavor matched the price.  I thought there was way too much cheese almost to a point where I toppers-pizzacouldn’t taste the other components of the pizza. I am happy that the Arches staff agreed on this pizza as well, because to me, the amount of sauce and cheese was very uneven, and the excess cheese made it very hard to eat.

Based on the results, if there is ever a time when a pizza craving hits, the Arches staff recommends ordering from Domino’s pizza.  Their delicious crust, gooey cheese,  and flavorful sauce along with a reasonable price will not disappoint!

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