Getting Crafty: Three DIY Projects to Try

This past week, I went through Pinterest and found some interesting DIY projects to try: 3D hand art, lush lip scrub and no sew bag in 10 minutes. See below for my review on each of the three projects.

 3D Hand Art

Straight lines go around the light tracing of the hand on the left, and curved lines go inside of the hand on the right.

Three-dimensional hand art is a drawing that makes the hand on the paper appear as it is coming off the page. It consists of lightly tracing one’s hand in pencil, then drawing straight lines on the outside of the tracing.

Once the tracing on the outside is complete, the straight lines must be connected inside the hand. Instead of drawing straight lines, the lines must be slightly curved upward. Then you can color each line with a different color.

Looking at the instructions, I thought it can’t be that hard. It’s just making straight lines and a few curved ones. Boy, I was wrong. Being someone who has little to no artistic bones in her body, I overestimated my artistic abilities.

This was mid way thorugh coloring the project. It starts to look more 3D at the point.

My first recommendation when doing this project is to use a ruler! Don’t just use any straight edge you can find.

I was on track until I reached step three where I had to draw curved lines. Some of my lines connected together well, but some of them ended up connecting to the wrong line, and I had to start over.

My second recommendation for this project is to color it!

I did this project twice. Once I colored it, and once I left it uncolored. The color in the project really made it seem like it was 3D.

This project took me roughly 25 minutes to complete both times.

I think it is a fun project to try out, but it is not something I would do again. Both times I did the project, I got picky about how my lines looked and kept erasing things. It started to look worse before it got better. Of course, I am my own worst critic.

Overall, I would give this project 3 out of 5 stars.

The final project after both tries. One time being colored and one not being colored.


Lush Lip Scrub

All of the ingredients before being mixed together and adding the food coloring.

My first impression of this project was that it seemed a little too easy because it only had four steps. It is a lip scrub that can work as a moisturizer with the olive oil in it or as a sugary lip scrub once the ingredients are mixed together.

In the instructions, it gave me the choice of a few different flavors to make: bubble gum, peppermint, chocolate and basic vanilla. I decided to go with vanilla because I already had those ingredients at home, which were vanilla extract, granulated sugar, olive oil, an empty container and food coloring, if a color is desired.

This is a pretty easy project to make. The most difficult part was mixing it because I didn’t have a lot to mix. I ended up using a toothpick because a spoon was too big. Besides my finger, a toothpick was the only rational choice I could think of.

I went with an orange dye because I ran out of red.

This project was worth a try, but it is not something I would make all the time. It’s the type of DIY project grade school girls would do at a sleepover.

I had higher hopes for it. I had hoped it would be something that I could make, instead of having to buy chapstick every week because I lost it, or it went through the washer after being left in my pants pocket.

The project took me about 10 minutes to complete. What took the longest was the clean up and getting all the ingredients out.

It might be worth a try again to see how the other flavors turn out because I was not a fan of the vanilla. It didn’t taste like vanilla to me.

Overall, I would give this project 2.5 out of 5 stars.


No Sew T-Shirt Bag in 10 minutes

In this step, the sleeves and neckline are cut off to create the handles and main hole for the bag.

When I first saw this DIY project, I thought it was a good idea, especially if people have old t-shirt laying around. The project creates a easy to use bag out of a t-shirt.

To do this, you’ll need a t-shirt and scissors. First you’ll cut off the sleeves of the shirt and the neckline. This will create the handles of the bag and the hole to put things in. Then, measure the size of bag you would like and cut off the bottom of the shirt to create fringe on the front and back. The fringe should be about ¾ to 1 inch apart.

Next, flip the shirt inside out and tie the pieces of fringe together to create the bottom of the bag. You may then keep the bag as is or flip back it, so it is not inside out anymore.

The step after cutting the fringe and tying them together. This is how it looks inside out.

It said in the project title that it takes 10 minutes to make. While I agree that it is a quick project, it didn’t take me 10 minutes to complete. It took me roughly 18 minutes to completely finish it.

I feel that this project is a good one to make for children who want a bag to carry things around. It’s quick and easy to make. Also, if children spill in it, draw on it or rip it, it’s not a major money loss.

This bag isn’t something I would use on a daily basis. If I were to use the bag for anything heavy, the ties on the bottom of the bag would come undone, and everything would fall out. It will only hold an assortment of light objects.

The final product.

The project was fun to make. One thing I recommend is to make sure you measure it to the size you want it to be. When I did the project, I just guessed what size seemed reasonable for a bag to be. If you are wanting a longer bag, don’t trim anything off the bottom.

One thing to also keep in mind would be the size of the T-shirt you are using. If you are trying this project with a size large or a size small, the bags are going to turn out different.

Overall, I would give this project 2 out of 5 stars.


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