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As a source for news, Global Sisters Report (GSR) is a network of reporters and journalists who write about women religious and the lives and experiences of the people they serve. This independent, non-profit organization is located in Kansas City, Missouri and prides itself on giving a voice to women religious around the world. Women religious is another way of saying Sister or Nun.

Global Sisters Report covers women religious in various roles. “Women religious are one of the most important networks in the fight against human trafficking, which has affected an estimated 2.5 million people, according to the United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes,” Global Sisters Report.

Since the 1st Century, when Christianity was founded, women were taking care of and serving the body of Christ. “In fact, according to the Gospels, it was a group of women – Mary Magdalene, Salome, Joanna, Susanna, as well as unnamed others – who financially supported Jesus’ ministry and cared for his needs,” Global Sisters Report.

Global Sisters Report covers those women, just like those of Mary Magdalene, Salome and others, who are in the world serving communities and praying for them, while brainstorming new ways to envision a growth-filled future for themselves.

Showcased by GSR, racial equality, education, the environment and trafficking are just a few of the ministries Sisters serve throughout the entire world. By taking a vow to devote themselves to Christ, they have left behind homes and families to better serve the world.

Women religious are at the heart of Global Sisters Report. The good work sisters do flows across the world like a ripple effect. This dynamic online community is filled with women working to fulfill their values of integrity, diversity and community.

Their core values are:

Integrity: “We are committed to thorough, objective reporting and fair-minded commentary. Our process is transparent,” Global Sister Report. Through the power of influence, as covered by Jeanne Connolly, it is important to remember integrity in a world where things are moving at the speed of light.

Source: Unsplash / Elijah MacLeod. Global Sisters Report website.

Diversity: “We respect and are inspired by the diverse experiences of sisters in a changing world,” Global Sisters Report. An example of their inspiration of diversity, GSR reported on a Catholic nun helping Hindus in India better understand the Gospels of Jesus.

V.O. Ouseph, a Catholic devotee of Sr. Prasanna Devi, pumps water from the well behind the sister’s hut in the Girnar mountain forest, Gujarat. (Saji Thomas) Source: Global Sisters Report

Community: “We believe the everyday lives of sisters are a model for strengthening networks and relationships,” Global Sister Report. Across the world, there are children who die of dehydration every two minutes. GSR covered a water walk in New York City, which was put on by Water Aid America, to show how important water is to communities.

Water Aid America staged a two-mile “water walk” through the streets of New York City. (Provided photo)Source: Global Sisters Report website.

As a project of the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company, Global Sisters Report is funded by a $2.3 million grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. With this funding, GSR can continue to live out its mission of being a “dynamic online community that reports on and gives voice to women religious around the world,” Global Sisters Report

What remains true for women religious who serve the world is they do so through their core values. To read their stories and see the work they are doing, check out The site’s primary focus is to cover women religious, who are witnesses to God’s love and in leadership roles continuing to shed light on social justice issues. After reading what these women religious are doing, you will feel nothing short of inspired.

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