Good and Cheap in the Same Bottle: Budget Friendly Wine Tasting

By Jamie Nicole Hollins & Kayla Urban

College students are always looking for budget friendly items anytime they head to the store. One thing that can break the bank is a good wine. When you’re on a budget you sometimes can’t afford the fancy stuff. With this in mind, our goal was to try six wines from our local Aldi on Burleigh near Mount Mary that were all under $6.

Six members of our staff helped to judge these yummy bevvies.  We hope that you will find a new fave to bring to holiday parties and have all your friends and fam rave about your selection!

We sampled two reds, two whites and two moscatos so you could make a financially sound yet informed choice when picking wines this holiday season.

“I am, by no means, a wine snob. Just give me something that tastes like candy, and I will be very happy.”  – Payton Hintz

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After our staff sipped through the night we learned a few things:

  • The $2.89 bottle of Winking Owl Merlot seemed to shock the majority of us on how full of flavor it actually was. We were a bit skeptical given it was the only bottle of wine under $3 but we agreed as a team that we underestimated it and were pleasantly surprised. Jaime said it was “The Last Supper wine.”

Man, I surely underestimated the wine! It had a nice flavor and I could definitely see myself buying it in the future.”  – Kayla Urban discussing the Winking Owl Merlot.

  • Our favorite was the most expensive white, Arosa Moscato at $5.99. It’s hard not to enjoy the crisp bubbly moscato because it was easy to keep sippin’ on.

“Basic, but good. . .It’s the yoga pants of wines.”  – Jamie Nicole Hollins commenting on Arosa Moscato. 

  • The Chanti Adventure Series, priced at $4.99, and the Flirty Bird Sauvignon, priced at $3.99, both received the lowest rating at a 2.5 out of 5. Both had a flavor that lingered on the tongue and was unpleasant and too bitter to enjoy.  

Jamie thought the Chianti was “sunburnt… like, I want this to be over.”

The Arches staff concluded our tasting believing that indeed it is possible to find good cheap wine from places that are budget friendly like Aldi. Trader Joe’s and your local Target can offer you a small selection of wine under $10 if you do not have access to Aldi.

If you conduct your own budget wine tasting please keep us in the loop! We’d love to hear what other budget friendly wines out there you are drinking!

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