I Am Internet! Hear Me Roar!

As I sit here pondering what this week’s blog will be, I realize that I’m constantly on the Internet.  It’s rare for me not to go on the Internet whenever I log onto a computer.

We use the Internet for multiple purposes from reviewing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to finding articles for research projects, and doing whatever else that comes  in between.  I’ve been so busy with my days that it never crossed my mind about how much control the Internet had over me until today.

I grew up in a generation where computers and the Internet already existed, so the Internet has always been part of my life.  That’s not the case for other people.  My grandparents don’t own a computer, and my parents still talk about the days of typewriters and encyclopedias ( the book version).

For whatever reason, I have a hard time picturing a world without the Internet and with only limited technology.  What did people do with their time when there wasn’t this technological distraction?  How did people keep up with their connections?  While I understand the answers to these questions, it blows my mind that society once lived without the Internet.

Think about all the things that use the Internet now: email, social networking, YouTube, online dating, Wikipedia, Google…. The list goes on and on.  Almost every business, news source, company, school, family, and in some cases pets have a website and possibly even Facebook or Twitter pages because the Internet has become one of the fastest and most convenient sources for marketing, promotion and communicating.

Moreover, the Internet is available on all smart phones and other computer related devices.  Now even televisions can connect to the Internet.  In a sense, the Internet is the big bang in the world of technology.  I bet someday it will be normal to have Google installed in  all cars and Skype might conjoin with Facebook so  we all can chat face to face.

Just think if it wasn’t for the Internet, I probably wouldn’t  be able to blog now.  Here’s to the Internet.


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